Nature Nootropics with Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS (Ep 18)

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Key Information

Bryan Carroll is a wellness practitioner and podcaster

He is the founder of Summit For Wellness and the host of the Summit For Wellness Podcast, where he interviews experts on various health topics.

He advocates for connecting with nature and avoiding toxins

He believes that optimal performance is achieved by mastering the foundations of health, such as nutrition, sleep, and movement, and then using biohacking for the last 20%.

He is a low-carb athlete who relies on fat as fuel

He can travel 30+ miles per day without excessive carb fueling, and avoids the unwanted “carb crashes” that many other athletes experience.

He is an outdoor adventure photographer

He shoots for many outdoor retailers and enjoys getting back outside and in nature. He also helps people to climb to the peak of their health.

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In this episode, I speak with Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS all about his work as a holistic, functional practitioner and the importance of having a strong connection to nature.

Bryan has a cool podcast called “Summit For Wellness” and is a big outdoor enthusiast.

Connecting with nature and avoiding the toxicity of modern society has many mental health benefits and nootropic effects.

Along with avoiding brain-draining chemicals, the outdoor activities allow your body to reset its circadian rhythm which has a number of mental benefits including hormone optimization.

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About Bryan Carroll

Bryan Carroll is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist, and a Movement Therapist. He is the founder of Summit For Wellness and Host of the popular Summit For Wellness Podcast.

Bryan is also an outdoor adventure photographer who shoots for many outdoor retailers. His passion is to help get people to Climb to the Peak of their Health and get back outside and in nature.

He has also been known in the nutrition communities as being a low-carb athlete who can travel 30+ miles per day, without having to worry about excessive carb fueling like most other athletes. He relies on fat as his main fuel source of energy and is able to avoid those unwanted “carb crashes”.

As an athlete, nutritional therapist, and wellness practitioner, Bryan knows all too well how to prime the body to function at its best.

Topics Discussed

  • Importance of freshwater vs water treated with chemicals
  • The effects of connecting with nature
  • Rebalancing of circadian rhythm that comes with spending time outdoors
  • 3-7 days in nature can rebalance circadian rhythm
  • Chinese medicines ability to balance the body with plants
  • Mental health and anxiety issues are high in teenagers
  • Teenagers and kids not sleeping enough are causing issues in hormones
  • Obesity rate in 1/3 children
  • High levels of anxiety in children
  • Elementary school children being medicated is concerning
  • ADHD is a holistic problem with a holistic solution
  • Asking children good questions is a good way to help them make better choices
  • Make them connect to the feeling of how food makes them feel
  • Help people make their own decisions for best health results
  • Small diet changes make big differences
  • Problem with biohacking and nootropics is the allopathic approach to supplements
  • Cant supplement yourself out of a bad diet.. can’t take a pill for everything
  • Optimal performance is mastering the foundations then use biohacking for the last 20%
  • Biohacking works better when your body is tuned up
  • Mold is a hidden biotoxin that is prevalent in many homes
  • A healthy Microbiome should be resilient of mold
  • Over sanitizing is bad for your microbiome
  • As we sanitize more and kill bacteria chronic disease rates have risen
  • We should be dirtier
  • So many neurotransmitters made in the gut
  • Pesticides in processed foods are being held in the gut damaging microbiome
  • Organic farms are tainted with glyphosate
  • Summitforwellness podcast
  • Tale small steps, don’t rush the process.

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Ultimate Guide to Mold Exposure and Steps to Improve Your Health (From Bryan)

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