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Erik Levi is a co-founder of and a certified holistic nutritional therapy practitioner. As an NTP Erik takes a nutrition first approach to health. He has worked with many different people to help them use nutrition to optimize their quality of life. Erik believes that mental health is a physiological process and cognitive enhancement is not something that can be achieved by just taking some pills with good Amazon reviews. Instead, true cognitive enhancement comes with the right balance of nutrients, movement, and gratitude. Erik continues to stay up to date with the most current nootropic and holistic health research and promises to deliver the best solutions possible. You can check out his personal health blog/podcast/YouTube Channel all under the name Holistic A-Hole.

Posts by Erik Levi, FNTP

Boosting The Brain With Essential Oils w. Jodi Sternoff-Cohen (Ep 30)

By Erik Levi, FNTP | March 2, 2021

This episode is all about essential oils and how they can be used to help boost the mind-body connection.  My guest is Jodi Sternoff-Cohen who’s new book, ESSENTIAL OILS TO HEAL THE BRAIN AND BOOST THE BODY: 5 Steps to Calm Anxiety, Sleep Better, Reduce Inflammation, and Regain Control of Health introduces readers to the 5 […]

Redefining Psychology and ADHD w. Dr James Greenblatt, MD (Ep 29)

By Erik Levi, FNTP | February 24, 2021

This episode with Dr. James M Greenblatt, MD is all about ADHD and how to treat underlying causes with functional medicine, nutrition, and supplementation. Who Is Dr. James M Greenblatt, MD A pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, James M. Greenblatt, MD, has treated patients since 1988. After receiving his medical degree and […]

OmniPEMF Neorhythm Review- Is It Worth The Money?

By Erik Levi, FNTP | February 24, 2021

Brain-boosting technology is the coolest! Therapies like PEMF and neurofeedback that positively manipulate your brain are powerful cognitive-enhancing powerful tools. The Neorhtym from Omni PEMF is one such device that hacks into your brain and influences recovery and optimization. The following review details how the Neorhtym works and all the benefits it delivers. If you’re […]

Magnesium Breakthrough Review- Is This The Best Magnesium Supplement?

By Erik Levi, FNTP | February 22, 2021

Magnesium is an essential mineral for humans. It’s the link that keeps all other enzymes, minerals, and vitamins together. Getting enough magnesium is important for optimal health, and unfortunately, most people are severely deficient. This is why I love Magnesium Breakthrough.  It’s a fully-loaded magnesium product that includes 7 forms of Magnesium that each serve […]

Muse Headband Review- Everything You Need To Know

By Erik Levi, FNTP | February 19, 2021

It seems like everyone is talking about meditation these days. Even worse.. they make it sound so easy! Just sit there and focus on not thinking. Anyone who has tried meditation knows how complex this seemingly simple practice is. With the stress of our modern world tugging at every fiber of our attention, finding that […]

Red Light Therapy & The Brain w. Brian Richards from Sauna Space (ep 28)

By Erik Levi, FNTP | February 16, 2021

In this podcast, I discuss the benefits and mechanics of red light, Near-Infrared sauna therapy with Brian Richards, founder of Sauna Space. This conversation is a deep dive into all things red-light sauna.  How it works and what makes it such an efficient, beneficial home therapy. About Brian and Sauna Space In 2008 SaunaSpace founder […]

How To Be An Herbal Chef w. Oscar Sierra L.Ac., Dipl. CH

By Erik Levi, FNTP | February 11, 2021

In this episode, I discuss herbalism with Oscar Sierra, an herbalist practicing traditional Chinese medicine and functional medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. I had a blast discussing herbs and herbal practices with Oscar who emphasizes the importance of using herbs in the bigger context of overall health and wellness. Herbs are also individual. Not every herb […]

SaunaSpace Review- Is This The Best At-Home Red Light Sauna?

By Erik Levi, FNTP | February 9, 2021

Optimal brain health starts at the cellular level. Cellular health impacts your brain’s ability to heal, detoxify, and thrive. Near-infrared light is the most efficient tool to boost mitochondrial activity and overall cellular energy. For many years the only way to get near-infrared light benefits was to go to an expensive spa. Nowadays, you can […]

Best At-Home Red Light Therapy Devices

Best At-Home Red Light Therapy Device

By Erik Levi, FNTP | February 8, 2021

Infrared light therapy is a potent, scientifically-proven biohack that can deliver true healing. Applying red light and infrared light to the skin is one of the most efficient ways to stimulate cellular energy and promote many health benefits. Until recently, infrared light therapy was only available at expensive saunas. Nowadays, however, there are a wide […]

Is Your Green Smoothie Causing Your Depression? w. Sally K Norton (Ep 26)

By Erik Levi, FNTP | February 2, 2021

Who Is Sally K Norton? Sally Norton, the “Queen of Oxalates”, has over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness field. In recent years, she has become a go-to source for how to get out of pain and reclaim your health and vitality by avoiding or limiting high-oxalate foods. She did not learn […]

MegaSporeBiotic Review- Why This Probiotic Is The Best

By Erik Levi, FNTP | January 26, 2021

If you’re interested in cognitive enhancement, boosting your gut health should be your number one priority. One of the top ways to boost gut health is with a high-quality probiotic. Unfortunately, most of the $50 Billion probiotic industry is overhyped junk that doesn’t even survive your stomach acid to populate your GI tract. The good […]

Mind Lab Pro: DOES IT WORK? – Full Review (2021)

By Erik Levi, FNTP | January 24, 2021

  When I started using nootropics, my biggest challenge was figuring out which one to take. With so many different kinds of nootropics that have various actions, where do you even begin? As a full-time student, nutritional therapy practitioner, and entrepreneur, I don’t have room for error. I can’t afford to invest in a product […]

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