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Holistic Nootropics, founded by nutritional therapy and tech experts, is at the forefront of natural cognitive enhancement. Discover our mission, meet our team, and see how we embody the NTP philosophy.

Our Purpose

Why Holistic Nootropics Founded?

Erik Abramowitz, an FNTP and co-founder, envisioned Holistic Nootropics as a comprehensive resource not only for the wider community but also as an extension of support for his FNTP clients. Alongside Nick Palm, they created a platform where the principles of nutritional therapy meet the latest in cognitive health research.


Creating a world where everyone has access to natural cognitive enhancement, informed by Nutritional Therapy principles and scientific evidence.


To provide trustworthy, evidence-based information and personalized strategies for natural cognitive enhancement, aligning with the NTP philosophy for holistic brain health.

NTP Philosophy in Practice

  • Bio-Individuality: Catering to unique nutritional needs for cognitive enhancement.
  • Food-First Approach: Emphasizing nutrient-rich, natural foods for brain health.
  • Client Education and Empowerment: Offering in-depth knowledge for informed lifestyle choices.
  • Collaboration with Medical Professionals: Partnering with health experts for comprehensive wellness strategies.

Our Team

Erik Abramowitz, FNTP

Co-founder and Chief Health Advisor

Erik, a certified holistic nutritional therapy practitioner, advocates a balanced approach to mental health, emphasizing nutrition, movement, and gratitude. He’s committed to providing the latest in nootropic and holistic health research.

Nick Palm

Co-founder and Director of Technical Operations

Nick’s journey with holistic health began as a personal quest, leading to the creation of Holistic Nootropics with Erik. His interests include sustainable living and sharing knowledge on optimizing health and well-being.

Our Editorial Integrity

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of accuracy and reliability:

  • Evidence-Based Content: Our claims are backed by scientific research.
  • Regular Updates: Keeping our information current with the latest findings.
  • Unbiased Recommendations: Our advice is free from commercial influence.

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Explore our resources to learn about natural cognitive enhancers and strategies for improving brain health. Join us in embracing a holistic approach to cognitive wellness!

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