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Using Technology To Mimic Human Touch & Calm The Nervous System w. David Rabin, MD, PhD (Ep 58)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / October 19, 2021 / 0 Comments

This talk with Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD is geeky dive into the science of hacking the nervous system to mimic human touch.  Dr. Dave is a clinical psychiatrist with a PhD in neuroscience and has developed one of the most exciting wearable technologies on the market today, the Apollo Wearable.  In this chat we […]

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Using HRV To Make Champions w. Don Moxley (ep 57)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / October 12, 2021 / 0 Comments

Don Moxley, Director of Applied Science and Brand Development at Longevity Labs Inc, joined me on the podcast to discuss how he used the science of HRV to create world-class athletes.  We also discussed the exciting longevity benefits of spermidine and cannabis. About Don Moxley Don Moxley is Director of Applied Science and Brand Development […]

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Holistic Hair Restoration w. Dr. Alan Bauman, MD (Ep 56)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / October 7, 2021 / 0 Comments

Dr. Alan Bauman joined me on the podcast this week to discuss all things holistic hair restoration.  Dr. Bauman has been recognized as one of the top hair restoration doctors in the country and runs a 12,000 sq foot hair restoration hospital in Florida.   In this podcast, we discuss the many factors that are involved […]

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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Algae w. Catherine Arnston (Ep 55)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / September 28, 2021 / 0 Comments

Catherine Arnston from Energy Bits joined me on the podcast to discuss all things algae nutrition.  Catherine, an algae nutrition expert, discussed the full spectrum of benefits that come with adding algae in the form of spirulina and chlorella into your diet.  Algae, the purest form of plant life in the world, is a protein […]

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Detox Hacks and Stacks w. Rob Besner, PSc.D (ep 54)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / September 21, 2021 / 0 Comments

If you’re into detox, especially sauna, you’ll love this podcast w. Rob Besner, CEO and Chief Science Officer of Therasage.  Rob is one of the most influential voices in the health space when it comes to proper detox and effective detox products.  His company, Thersage, has a massive product line of saunas, light therapy devices, […]

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Find Your Biochemical Story w. Kashif Khan (ep 53)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / September 14, 2021 / 0 Comments

This podcast with Kashif Khan, CEO of the DNA Company, is all about using your genes to build your best life.  Kashif explains the incredible research the DNA Company has done around genetics, and how they’ve applied it to peak performers to level up their game, and how you can do the same. About Kashif […]

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Red Light Therapy’s Full-Body Benefits w. Dr. Mike Belkowski (ep 52)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / September 9, 2021 / 0 Comments

This episode with Dr. Mike Belkowski is all about the healing power of red light therapy.  Dr. Mike is is a wealth of information about the red light’s ability to boost mitochondrial health and heal the body at a cellular level.  He is also the founder of Biolight, a company dedicated to providing safe and […]

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Next-Level Nootropics, Peptides, and Anti-Aging w. Shawn Wells (ep 51)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / August 27, 2021 / 0 Comments

Shawn Wells is a master formulator with 15 supplement patents to his name and years of experience running R&D for some of the top supplement companies in the world.  This podcast is a high-level chat all about nootropics, peptides, and emerging nutrition science.  If you’re looking for some advanced biohacking info, than be sure to […]

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Optimize Your Bio-Electric Life-Force w. Dr. Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh (ep 50)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / August 20, 2021 / 0 Comments

This podcast with Dr. Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh goes deep on many fascinating biochemical pathways in the body that promote true restoration and biohacking. About Dr. Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh Dr. Misak received his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from West Virginia University in 1992 and gained 3½ years of university hospital […]

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Using Data To Elevate Your Biohacking w. Quantified Bob (ep 49)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / August 11, 2021 / 0 Comments

This podcast featuring Bob Troia, aka “Quantified Bob”, is all about using data and metrics to elevate your biohacking.  Bob’s decade-long journey of relentlessly tracking metrics offers some amazing insight into how different biohacking tools, supplements, and lifestyle practices affect all things from weight to sleep to mood and all things in-between.  You can follow […]

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Isometric Exercise, Blood Pressure, and Longevity w. Mark Young (ep 48)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / August 6, 2021 / 0 Comments

Mark Young, CEO of Zona Health, joins me on the podcast to discuss the Zona Plus hand-held device.  We take a deep dive into the science of the Zona Plus and its ability to naturally lower blood pressure and raise nitric oxide in the body while also improving grip strength, a proven marker of longevity. […]

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Unlocking Female Super Powers w. Kayla Osterhoff (ep 47)

By Erik Levi, FNTP / July 30, 2021 / 0 Comments

This episode w. Kayla Osterhoff MPH, PhD Std is a deep dive into all things female health.  Kayla helps women use their natural Biorhythms to optimize their physical and mental wellness. About Kayla Osterhoff From childhood to early adulthood, Kayla witnessed the true cost and devastation of mental illness and addiction in her family. This […]

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