Plugging Energy Leaks w. Catherine Gagnon (ep 91)

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Plugging Energy Leaks w. Catherine Gagnon (ep 91)

Catherine Gagnon, an expert mind-body healing practitioner, joined me to discuss how she helps clients regain their vitality by plugging their “energy leaks”.  As a former chronic Lyme patient, and nurse practitioner Catherine has both formal medical training and the first-hand experience necessary to truly connect to her clients.

About Catherine Gagnon

Catherine is an Emotional Alchemist Mind-Body Healing Practitioner and Master NLP Transformational Health Coach who works with people who are tired of being tired and worried. 

She can hear, see and feel the emotional and physical “energy leaks” in people and help them “plug” these leaks. As a result, her clients regain sustained physical/emotional energy, recover faster from illnesses, attain mental clarity, and self-confidence, and feel more at peace with themselves, and are happier in their relationships. 

Catherine is a hang glider pilot certified as an Applied neurosciences Practitioner and holds a Nurse Practitioner diploma. She’s currently pursuing a doctorate in Natural Medicine and studying the Ancient Wisdom of Siddha Veda which stems from Ayurvedic medicine. 

As a chronic Lyme disease survivor who healed in record time, she also developed a unique expertise to help Lyme disease sufferers regain their health and life without losing their time or money. 

Topics Discussed

  • Former nurse practitioner
  • Former Lyme disease sufferer
  • Built a Lyme disease healing protocol
  • Healer of energy leaks
  • Brain fog and depression may be Lyme?
  • Antibiotics during pregnancy
  • Health effects of people born vaginally vs c-section
  • Hormonal effects on energy
  • Quantum physics’ effects on energy and cognition
  • Importance of Compassion and Gratitude
  • Importance of breathing
  • Optimizing life transitions
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