Becoming The Carnivore Yogi w. Sarah Kleiner (ep 92)

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Becoming The Carnivore Yogi w. Sarah Kleiner (ep 92)

Sarah Kleiner, aka The Carnivore Yogi, joined me to discuss the intersection of yoga and meat-based eating.  We discuss her healing and health optimization journey after years of chronic illness due to extreme dieting.  Her Instagram and YouTube channels have drawn thousands of followers interested in her healthy living style.

  • Carnivore yogi
  • Former vegan, went carnivore to heal IBS and inflammation 
  • The problems w. Child Formula
  • Childhood health problems
  • Common vegan health problems
  • The problem of overthinking diet
  • Circadian Rhythm’s influence on metabolism
  • Importance of high fat/protein breakfast 
  • Problem w. anti-burger studies
  • Sarah’s standard diet. Carnivore + Seasonal plants
  • Sarah’s high omega 6, high BUN after 2+ years of strict carnivore
  • The war on fruit
  • Importance of metabolic flexibility
  • It’s ok to have carbs
  • The need for enzymes and HCL in the Carnivore diet
  • IG: @carnivore.yogi
  • Carnivore Yogi Podcast
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