The Power Of Growth Factors w. Dustin Baker (ep 96)

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The Power Of Growth Factors w. Dustin Baker (ep 96)

Dustin Baker, the founder of Bioprotein Technology, joined me to discuss growth factors and how to use them to optimize human performance.  Dustin introduces many exciting ways that these metabolites can help you do everything from increase vitality and daily energy to sleep and recovery.  Learn more at, use code: HolisticNootropics for $30 your first purchase.

About Dustin Baker

Dustin is the president and founder of BioProtein Technology, which makes the BioPro+ suite of products, the first of its kind nonsynthetic alternative to prescription HGH treatment. He worked with physicians and compiled massive amounts of data, while leaning into years of experience working with elite professional athletes, to perfect the science-first approach of the product line and win the support of doctors around the globe.

Topics Discussed

  • How human growth hormone works
  • Growth factors – End product of HGH
  • How precursors work
  • IGF-1 is the end result of growth factors
  • BioPro+ Uses sublingual delivery method
  • Experience product 
  • BioPro+ products Take 12-14 days to notice effects
  • Don’t put too much stock into a blood test
  • Growth factors benefit immunity, immune system, and mental health
  • Use code Holisticnootropics for $30 off
  • Learn more at:
  • IG: @bioproteintech
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