Creating Meaning In Your Work w. Marie Gervais (ep 95)

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Creating Meaning In Your Work w. Marie Gervais (ep 95)

Marie Gervais joined me on this episode to discuss optimizing the workplace.  Although not my typical health-centric podcast, this was a fascinating dive into understanding how one can be happier at work since most of us spend so much of our time at work.  Marie is an expert in helping people build leadership skills and confidence and dropped some serious gems.

About Marie Gervais

Dr. Marie Gervais is the CEO of Shift Management Inc., specializing in helping people grow into supervisory and managerial positions build their leadership confidence and skills to support their teams in meeting business objectives effectively. Utilizing online courses and web coaching, Shift Management’s methods have been successfully implemented and used by managers and career developers across populations and contexts.

Her work is renowned for integrating the diverse workforce, a Ph.D. holder in Culture and Learning in the Workplace and a sought-after speaker, writer, and curriculum developer. She has coached more than 500 supervisors, managers, and business owners for career and business success. One of her frameworks in workplace capacity is the S.W.E.L. model of safety, wellness, encouragement, and learning.

In line with her work, she currently hosts the Culture and Leadership Connections podcast, where she interviews leaders in various professions. Her publications span industry and academic journals on topics including the future of workworkplace communicationproductivity, and psychological safety in the workplace.

She is also a musician, creative writer, and visual artist outside her profession. Dr. Marie lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with her husband, Roger Gervais, a neuropsychologist specializing in workplace testing.

Dr. Marie’s mission is to build workplace capacity characterized by authentic communications that recognize people for who they are. Her book “The Spirit of Work,” which tackles the fascinating relationship between people and work using a combination of ancient wisdom, modern science, and real-world business examples, will be available for purchase this May 2022. She is looking forward to share her insights with your listeners!

Topics Discussed

  • Showing up as your best self to work
  • Work that is soul enhancing vs soul diminishing
  • Pre pandemic workplace vs post pandemic workplace
  • Workplaces implanting self-care practices
  • The importance of safety in the workplace
  • How to eat well while working
  • Work Trauma
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