The Magic Of Mushrooms w. Tony Shields (Ep 32)

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The Magic Of Mushrooms w. Tony Shields (Ep 32)

In this episode, I discuss nootropic mushrooms with Tony Shields, the founder of FreshCap Mushrooms, a leading brand in mushroom-based nutrition.

As a mushroom expert, Tony discusses his history with mushrooms, their benefits, and why he believes they are growing in popularity amongst high-performers.

Who Is Tony Shields

Tony is the co-founder of FreshCap Mushrooms, a leading brand in mushroom-based nutrition. He is passionate about all things mushrooms- from how they grow, to the amazing health benefits they can provide, and loves to share this passion through education and quality mushroom products

The Magic Of Mushrooms (Podcast Ep 32)

Topics Discussed

  • Tony has loved mushrooms since he was a kid
  • Most mushrooms don’t contain mushrooms.. are more grain
  • Mycelium vs Grain vs Fruiting Bodies
  • FreshCaps uses mostly Fruiting body
  • Proper mushroom extraction is necessary for ultimate beta Glucan content
  • Freshcaps do dual extraction
  • Freshcaps capsules don’t include flow agents for optimal purity
  • Best mushroom stack for high-performance: Lion’s Mane
  • Reishi is good for relaxing and sleep
  • Cordyceps improves O2 use which is good for exercise and physical performance
  • Mushrooms good for immunity
  • Lion’s Mane helps BDNF
  • Mushrooms used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years
  • Mushroom stacks.. Lion’s mane + Spearmint Extract.  Reishi + Magnesium + Peppermint + Chamomile + L-Theanine
  • Fungal microbiome in Humans
  • Reishi, Mytoci mushrooms show promise for cardiovascular health
  • Freshcap YouTube channel
  • Learn more at
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