FreshCap Mushrooms Review

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Key Information

Freshcap uses mushroom fruiting bodies

Freshcap mushrooms are sourced from the fruiting bodies, which contain the most nutrients and bioactive compounds.

Freshcap is transparent and educational

Freshcap founders are mushroom experts who share their knowledge and grow operation on YouTube and their website.

Freshcap products are high-quality and effective

Freshcap products are tested for purity, potency, and safety. They offer a variety of mushroom products, blends, and elixirs for different purposes

Freshcap is a small, family-owned company

Freshcap is run by a passionate couple who care about their customers and the environment. They offer great customer service and support.

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I’ll admit it. I’m a fungi fanatic.

I’ve loved mushrooms even before I knew they were healthy.

I’ve eaten them on pizzas and burgers.

I’ve taken them while wandering around the desert and watched my surroundings turn into a geometric plane.

And now I take them as nootropics to sharpen my brain.

So naturally, when I was approached by FreshCap Mushrooms to try their products, I was both excited and skeptical.

Excited because I love nootropic mushrooms, skeptical because I know how saturated the market is with junk.

In short, Freshcap pleasantly surprised me.

These days my cabinet and my brain are both filled with their mushrooms.

The following review details why I think Freshcap mushrooms are so great.

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Freshcap Mushrooms Pros and Cons

FreshCap Mushroom Review


  • All mushroom products are sourced from the fruiting bodies which mean higher bioavailable nutrition
  • Small-scale, family-owned growing
  • Extensive quality control, no fillers or preservatives
  • Lots of consumer info on the Freshcap YouTube Page and Website
  • Free Shipping over $50
  • 20% off when you buy their subscription service
FreshCap Mushroom Review


  • Sometimes sold out of key products
  • No maitake

About FreshCap Mushrooms

Freshcap Mushrooms was founded by Tony and Tegan, a mushroom nutrition power couple.

Before ever selling any products, the founders built a successful YouTube channel showing viewers how to grow their own mushrooms.

Tony still continues to post videos on the channel, educating viewers on all things mushrooms.

They even show their own grow operation where you can see for yourself the high-quality mushrooms they sell.

This kind of transparency is unique to the supplement industry, which is one of the main reasons I support these guys. 

Knowing that the product is grown on a small scale and is personally scrutinized by 2 proven mushroom experts offers customers incredible peace of mind.

Product Quality: Fruiting Body vs Mycelium Grains

What really sets FreshCap mushrooms apart is their commitment to using mushroom fruiting bodies as the primary source of their products.

This is a vital feature as most commercially sold nootropic mushrooms contain mostly mycelium cultured on simple grains like rice or oats. The difference is palpable.

The fruiting body, which is the visible mushroom, is where all of the essential nutrients are.

Every Freshcap mushroom product comes with a high amount of beta-glucans, triterpenoids, sterols, nucleosides, and other fantastic mushroom nutrients. 

Even more to that point is the lack of fillers and preservatives found in Freshcap products.

Every batch is 3rd party tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and harmful microbials to guarantee the highest quality product.

These kinds of guarantees are missing from most other mushroom products, which is why many people complain that these mushrooms don’t work.

What The Customers Say

I absolutely loved the packaging and how quickly my order was received.

The variety of functionality and enhancements for each Mushroom are beyond my expectations and I honestly feel the difference when I do or don’t take them.

Definitely a customer for life…..Oooooo and the fact that the owners themselves reach out as well as respond to me immediately is an added bonus! No 1-800 hold the line please shenanigans with FreshCap

L.A. B.

I love FreshCap’s products. They offer such an easy way to get healthy mushroom products into your diet. And I love their educational emails and blogs around the health benefits of all things mushrooms. Great company, great products! The mushroom coffee and “Unwind” drink mixes are excellent.

Vicki S.


Freshcap has a nice selection of mushroom products, blends, elixirs, and product boxes that include each of the products.  Below are some links to learn more:


FreshCap Mushroom Review


FreshCap Mushroom Review


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My Personal Review

After a few months of using Freshcap products, I can say they are my favorite all-around mushroom products.

Using the Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps in my morning smoothie sets my brain on fire and powers me through the work and studying that occupies my day.

I also love mixing Lion’s mane into my morning coffee with the handheld mixer, which is a considerable upgrade from a regular spoon.

Their mushroom coffee is probably my favorite product. It’s an instant coffee mix that has an excellent selection of mushrooms and flavors. It’s also very strong.

Later in the day, I enjoy a nice cup of “Unwind” which includes Reishi, Magnesium, and L-theanine.

Having had the opportunity to speak with Tony in a podcast and seeing his passion for growing the best mushrooms reassures me that I’m getting the best mushroom product possible. 

Freshcap Mushrooms vs Real Mushrooms

As far as I’m concerned, Real Mushrooms is Freshcap’s main competitor.

FreshCap Mushroom Review

Like Freshcap, Real Mushrooms is a small, family-owned mushroom nutrition company whose founders are legit mushroom experts.

They also focus on selling mostly fruiting body mushrooms and provide the customer with lots of educational material detailing the science of mushrooms.

They are also transparent that their mushrooms are sourced from China, but so are 85% of the world’s mushrooms.

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