The #1 Nutrient Sabotaging Your Detox w. Dr. Greg Nigh ND, LAc (Ep 36)

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Key Information

Sulfur is a crucial nutrient for health

Sulfur is needed for the production of sulfate, which structures water and supports detoxification.

Some people have problems with sulfur

Excess sulfur can cause symptoms like skin issues, migraines, brain fog, and body odor.

Sulfur intolerance can be related to SIBO

SIBO is a condition where bacteria overgrow in the small intestine and produce hydrogen sulfide gas.

Sulfur intolerance can be managed with supplements

Supplements like molybdenum, butyrate, and hydroxycobalamin can help reduce hydrogen sulfide and improve sulfur metabolism.

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I’m discussing the dark side of detox with Dr. Greg Nigh, ND.  Dr. Nigh is an expert on sulfur and what happens when your body doesn’t respond well to this crucial nutrient.  Many healthy foods like cruciferous vegetables, eggs, garlic, and onions are high in sulfur and play a crucial role in popular diets like Paleo, Keto, and Plant-based.

Dr. Nigh and I discuss the signs, symptoms, and science behind sulfur sensitivity along with ways to help you recover from excess exposure.

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About Dr. Greg Nigh

Greg Nigh, ND, LAc, is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist, graduating from NUNM in 2001. Dr Nigh is co-owner of Immersion Health in Portland, OR, where he has a primary-care practice as well as a specialty in naturopathic oncology. He has done extensive research, writing, and speaking on the relationship between dysfunctional sulfur metabolism and the development of SIBO, inflammatory diseases, cancer, and other chronic conditions.  He is the author of “The Devil in the Garlic.”

Topics Discussed

  • Book – The Devil In The Garlic
  • Garlic high in sulfur
  • Stephanie Seneff- Glyphosate researcher
  • Some people have problems with sulfur
  • The body needs sulfate that can only come in through diet.
  • Sulfur problems arise from excess hydrogen sulfite and sulfide
  • Low sulfur diet can alleviate sulfur
  • 3 kinds of SIBO: Hydrogen positive, methane positive, hydrogen sulfide positive
  • Sometimes SIBO treatments help for people who test positive for SIBO
  • Sulfation pathway influences sulfur metabolism.
  • Low levels of hydrogen sulfide is ok.. high levels are a problem
  • High sulfur supplements: NAC, MSM, ALA
  • Detox supplements and foods can be problematic 23 mins
  • Symptoms of sulfur intolerance:  Skin issues, itchiness, heat symptoms, Migraines, Brain Fog
  • Migraines correlated to high garlic
  • Alcohol sensitivity is a sulfur issue
  • Triggering foods: Garlic, onion, kale, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, eggs,
  • Glyphosate binds crucial minerals
  • Sulfate structures water with a negative charge 38mins
  • Infrared can thicken the structured water 43 mins
  • Epsom Salt bath
  • SNPs are important to know but not the main driver
  • CBS mutation
  • Body Odor symptom of
  • Nitric oxide can help with homozygous NOS3 enzyme
  • Supplements: Mo-Zyme Forte (molybdenum) 1-3 2x/day, Butyrate, Ion-Biome, Hydroxycobalamin

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Stay ahead with our newsletter: cutting-edge biohacking tips and the latest in nootropics, all in one place.
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