Nutrisense Review- Is This The Best Continuous Glucose Monitor?

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Key Information

What is Nutrisense?

Nutrisense is a biotech company that offers a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) program to track and optimize blood sugar levels1.

How does Nutrisense work?

Nutrisense provides a CGM device that you wear on your arm for 14 days. The device records your glucose levels and sends the data to an app. You also get access to a personal dietitian who helps you interpret the data and make recommendations.

Why use Nutrisense?

Nutrisense can help you improve your metabolic health by showing you how your diet, lifestyle, stress, and sleep affect your blood sugar. You can experiment with different foods, eating windows, and activities to find what works best for you.

What are the benefits of Nutrisense?

Nutrisense can help you prevent or reverse chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, that are linked to poor blood sugar regulation. It can also help you enhance your energy, mood, cognition, and performance.

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It helped me optimize my metabolism and build healthy habits that stick.

Erik Abramowitz – HolisticNootropics Co-founder

What gets measured gets managed. When it comes to blood sugar, this saying can be the difference between a long, healthy life and a never-ending ride on the disease carousel.

Blood sugar is one of the most critical metrics in terms of chronic disease prevention. It dictates your body’s metabolism and is the foundational variable of your entire endocrine system.

Dysregulation of blood sugar can affect hormones, immunity, circulation, and brain function. Nothing affects blood sugar regulation more than diet and lifestyle, so keeping track of glucose levels in real-time is crucial.

The best way to do this is with a continuous glucose monitor. One such monitoring program is Nutrisense CGM. I recently had the opportunity to test a Nutrisense CGM for 14 days.

The following article highlights my personal experience with this device and information on how to try one for yourself. Nutrisense is a biotech company that is focused on improving metabolic health.

Their program includes a CGM (continuous Glucose Monitor), access to data in the app as well as a personal dietitian that gets assigned to you upon subscription.

Stop Guessing & Take Control

Track all aspects of your lifestyle in one place with Nutrisense

Track all aspects of your lifestyle in one place with Nutrisense
Get StartedSave $25 at Checkout w. code: NOOTROPICS25
Get StartedSave $25 at Checkout w. code: NOOTROPICS25
  • Real-Time Glucose Tracking

  • Meal Composition Data

  • Fasting and Meal Timing

  • Physical Activity and Exercise Routines

  • Stress and Sleep, Habits and routines

  • Experiment with eating windows, workout regimens, and macronutrient balance.

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What is Continous Glucose Monitoring?

Continuous Glucose Monitor Blood Sugar Test

As a background, a CGM is a small device that tracks your glucose levels continuously. You place the device on the back of your arm and wear it for 14 days. Insertion is painless, and the device can be worn in the shower while exercising and engaging in any of your daily activities. 

The sensor records food intake, daily activities, stress, and sleep. They all impact blood glucose levels.

My Experience with Nutrisense CGM

As a partner, Nutrisense sent me a CGM to use and review.

I was very excited to use this product as I am adamant about the impact of blood glucose on mind/body health.

Still, admittedly, I was apprehensive about using this product because I didn’t understand how you applied the CGM, nor how you could live an everyday life with one attached to you.

Getting Started

Surprisingly the process of application and usage is so much easier than I anticipated.

The application was simple. Nutrisense sends you easy-to-follow instructions, and they have some short videos online on how to do so.

Once applied, the CGM is stable, painless, water-proof, and overall reasonably stable.

I could go about my everyday life, showering and sleeping without any interference from the device.

Many times, I forgot the CGM was attached to my arm; that’s how stealth it is.
Once it’s attached to your arm, you simply scan the unit with your phone, and it’s off and running.

Try it here and save $25 at checkout with code NOOTROPICS25.


When you first start using the CGM, you must be patient as it takes 2-3 days to calibrate.

This is an excellent time to get used to keeping track of your food intake and activity.

Remember, the key to getting the most out of the CGM is to corroborate your diet and lifestyle to changes in blood sugar, so tracking is vital. And tracking takes work.

Many times I would forget to enter some food or workout and remember after a half day had already passed; then, I’d have to go back and fill it all in.

Although kind of a pain in the a$$, it was worth it to know this information.


The true impact of Nutrisense’s performance comes from the help of your assigned dietician.

Almost daily, I would get an email from my rep who would comment on my numbers and help me make sense of the different metrics of the monitor.

This help is especially useful as some of the metrics are kind of complicated.
Even as someone who is fully engrossed in this world, the data was a bit confusing at first.

Having a handy dietician can help even the most novice health enthusiast optimize their CGM usage.

Cool Things I Learned

  • Glycemic Variability – Blood glucose fluctuations following a meal or activity are now considered a more meaningful measurement of glycemic health than HbA1C! Failure to control glycemic variability can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease, indicating overall metabolic dysfunction. The CGM measures this as “Standard Deviation” and an ideal number is <14. –
  • Glucose Peaks – This goes hand and hand with the GV above. While glucose is must go up following a meal, keeping that number low is an indicator of metabolic health. Ideally, you want your glucose peaks under 140 mg/dl. Your ability to keep peaks on the lower side indicates a functional insulin response and an overall indicator of a good food choice. If you see a high peak, you may want to reevaluate that particular food.  
  • Dihydroberberine is nature’s gift for blood sugar control. 
  • Walking after meals is the easiest, most cost-effective way to keep glycemic variability under control

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