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9 Best Nootropics For Hangovers

Written by Erik Levi, FNTP — Updated on June 5, 2021


  • Hangovers are caused primarily by the buildup of acetaldehyde in the body

  • Nootropics can’t cure a hangover, but may ease some of the symptoms

  • Some nootropics, such as NAC, can be taken before a night out as a preventative measure to minimize the damage

  • Other nootropics, such as noopept, can provide some relief the morning after

So, you drank too much last night and want it all to stop hurting? We’re all adults, and we know occasional overindulgence is just a part of life.

No judgments here, we’ve been there too. Fortunately, there are a few nootropics that can at least ease the pain a bit.

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Some supplements may take the edge off the hurt.

What Are The Best Nootropics For Hangovers - Quick Answers

Mind Lab Pro#1 Nootropic For Beginners
Learn More
Chaga MushroomOne of the most powerful antioxidants on EarthLearn More
#1 Magnesium ProductLearn More
Lion's Mane
Powerful medicinal mushroom for brain healthLearn More
Cordyceps MushroomLearn More
Qualia MindMost Nootropics Per Serving
Learn More
OxiracetamExtremely popular synthetic learning and memory aidLearn More
NoopeptWorld's #1 selling nootropic (and for good reason)Learn More
CiticolineSupercharged source of choline for your brainLearn More
NACVersatile and effective all-round cognitive supplementLearn More
L-TheanineThe all-natural "chill pill"Learn More
B VitaminsAlcohol = B Vitamin DeficiencyLearn More

Can You Cure A Hangover With Nootropics?

First, let’s talk about why you feel so bad in the first place. An alcohol hangover happens physiologically when enough ethanol (the active ingredient in all alcoholic drinks) gets converted to toxic acetaldehyde. If acetaldehyde builds up faster than your liver can clear it out, you wind up permanently poisoned.

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Acetaldehyde is the primary source of the dehydration, nausea, headaches, and general ill-being of hangovers. First, the bad news: there’s no magic bullet that will get you back to 100% instantly. The only things that can do that are abstinence (which is probably already not an option for you if you’re reading this article) and time.

Plenty of water, sleep, and nutritious food will also get you back on your feet quicker. But, you probably knew all that already, so let’s get to the nootropics. We can’t promise that all these will work for you, but you may find something that makes Sunday morning a bit less miserable.

Best Nootropic Hangover “Cures”

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1. Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Best Nootropic for Hangovers

#1 Nootropic For Beginners

  • Mind Lab Pro is a preformulated Nootropic "stack" that includes 11 cognitive-enhancing ingredients that help you recover from a nasty hangover.
  • It includes the perfect mix of nootropics, amino acids, and adaptogens to optimize your mind after a rough night.
  • Starting your morning (or afternoon) with Mind Lab Pro delivers the nutrition your brain desperately needs.
  • This stack replenishes neurotransmitters, stabilizes the glutamate-GABA balance, and lowers inflammation, all of which are necessary components of overcoming a nasty hangover. 
  • The supplements themselves are 3rd party tested and free of excess fillers and toxic ingredients. 
  • I love this stack for nootropic newbies and experienced nootropic users alike.

2. Chaga

One of the most powerful antioxidants on Earth

Chaga is a must-have in anyone's organic hangover protocol.

Chaga mushroom is a great source of antioxidants making it an excellent anti-inflammatory organic ingredient.1Yang Hee Hong, Effects of the herb mixture, DTS20, on oxidative stress and plasma alcoholic metabolites after alcohol consumption in healthy young men, Integr Med Res. 2016

 This dusky textured mushroom has been found to combat oxidative stress, and decrease low-density lipoprotein (LDL), aka the bad cholesterol.2Weifa Zheng , Meimei Zhang, Yanxia Zhao, Kangjie Miao, Shenyuan Pan, Feng Cao, Yucheng Dai, Analysis of antioxidant metabolites by solvent extraction from sclerotia of Inonotus obliquus (Chaga), Phytochem Anal. 2011

This medicinal mushroom also relieves oxidative stress at the tissue level after excessive drinking.

Freshcap Mushrooms provide the highest percentage of beta glucans and fruiting body nutrients, making this mushroom product my preferred choice for Chaga.

3. Magnesium Breakthrough

Magnesium for Hangovers

#1 Magnesium Product

Like B vitamins, magnesium is an important micronutrient that your body needs for a variety of processes. Alcohol depletes magnesium through the urine, which can cause many negative side-effects.3Altura BM, Altura BT, Gupta RK. Alcohol intoxication results in rapid loss in free magnesium in brain and disturbances in brain bioenergetics: relation to cerebrovasospasm, alcohol-induced strokes, and barbiturate anesthesia-induced deaths, Magnes Trace Elem. 1991-1992

Luckily, taking magnesium supplements before and after you drink can ease the pain. Magnesium supports alcohol dehydrogenase production in the liver.

Alcohol dehydrogenase is the enzyme that breaks down alcohol so that your body can eliminate it. Magnesium can help metabolize and get rid of dangerous toxins faster.4HenryWeiner, KojiroTakahashi. Effects of magnesium and calcium on mitochondrial and cytosolic liver aldehyde dehydrogenases, Pharmacology Biochemistry, and Behavior. 1983

4. Lion's Mane

Powerful medicinal mushroom for brain health

Lion's Mane mushroom, also referred to as Hericium Erinaceus has been evidenced to have protective effects on alcohol induced hepatotoxicity and veisalgia (hangovers).5Lijun Hao, Yuxi Xie, Guikai Wu, Aibin Cheng, Xiaogang Liu, Rongjuan Zheng, Hong Huo, and Junwei Zhang, Protective Effect of Hericium erinaceus on Alcohol Induced Hepatotoxicity in Mice, Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2015

This mushroom contains a few unique polysaccharide compounds, which have been proven to have remarkable water retention capacity.6Vikineswary Sabaratnam, Wong Kah-Hui, Murali Naidu, and Pamela Rosie David, Neuronal Health – Can Culinary and Medicinal Mushrooms Help?, J Tradit Complement Med. 2013

It also comprises active enzymatic compounds such as hericenones and erinacines which can cross the blood-brain barrier.7Puei-Lene Lai , Murali Naidu, Vikineswary Sabaratnam, Kah-Hui Wong, Rosie Pamela David, Umah Rani Kuppusamy, Noorlidah Abdullah, Sri Nurestri A Malek, Neurotrophic properties of the Lion's mane medicinal mushroom, Hericium erinaceus (Higher Basidiomycetes) from Malaysia, Int J Med Mushrooms. 2013

All the aforementioned properties such as water-retention, and ability to cross blood-brain barrier makes Lion's Mane mushroom a good remedy for hangover.

Freshcap Mushrooms provide the highest percentage of beta glucans and fruiting body nutrients, making this mushroom product my preferred choice for Lion's Mane.

5. Cordyceps

Cordyceps contains a few distinct bioactive amalgams which improve blood circulation, and enhance your body's ability to more efficiently utilize oxygen, making it a key ingredient in your hangover recipe.8Bharat Kumar Pradhan, Caterpillar Mushroom, Ophiocordyceps sinensis (Ascomycetes): A Potential Bioresource for Commercialization in Sikkim Himalaya, India, Int J Med Mushrooms. 2016

Cordyceps has been found to support hepatic health and a few studies have shown that consuming cordyceps prior to drinking alcohol or getting high on any substance will help you to stay focused and alert.9Xuanwei Zhou , Zhenghua Gong, Ying Su, Juan Lin, Kexuan Tang, Cordyceps fungi: natural products, pharmacological functions and developmental products, J Pharm Pharmacol. 2009

Cordyceps will not only help you to reduce symptoms of the hangover quickly but will also help you get a better sleep afterwards.

Freshcap Mushrooms provide the highest percentage of beta glucans and fruiting body nutrients, making this mushroom product my preferred choice for Cordyceps.

6. Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind For Hangovers

Most Nootropics Per Serving

  • Qualia Mind is the most advanced nootropic formula on the market.
  • It includes 28 high-purity ingredients designed to maximize cognitive function.
  • Each component in isolation can make a significant impact on your neurochemistry.
  • When taken together, they display a powerful synergistic effect that can optimize vital neural pathways and processes.
  • The combined nootropic compounds, neuro-vitamins, amino acids, choline donors, and herbal adaptogens can help ease the pain of a hangover and restore your brain to optimal function.
  • This stack is great for anyone who needs a significant boost in brainpower.

7. Oxiracetam

oxiracetam for hangovers

Extremely popular synthetic learning and memory aid

Any member of the racetam family may help with hangovers, but oxiracetam is particularly famous for its neuroprotective qualities.

Studies prove that it can protect the brain from traumatic brain injury. While nobody has done any studies regarding oxiracetam and hangovers, it would make sense that it would also help with alcohol-induced brain injury.

Hangover cures aren’t precisely the researcher’s biggest priority, which makes rigorous clinical evidence hard to come by.

But there are plenty of anecdotal reports that it can help the brain recover from a night out. And there is at least a solid theoretical basis for thinking it might be right.

The only real way to know is to try it out yourself.

Learn more about Oxiracetam for hangovers and other uses.

8. Noopept

Noopept for hangovers

World's #1 selling nootropic (and for good reason)

Noopept is the most popular nootropic on the market, and some users claim that it can ease the effects of heavy drinking.

Many nootropics enthusiasts will take it the night before to counteract the next day’s misery.

Again there is no clinical evidence that this is effective, but many people swear by it.

Read more about Noopept nootropic for hangovers and other symptoms.

9. Citicoline

Citicoline for hangovers

Supercharged source of choline for your brain

If you are going to use one of the above racetams to help your hangover, you should also consider stacking it with a choline source like citicoline.

Oxiracetam or noopept will deplete your brain’s choline stores through their action, so it’s smart to fortify your brain with extra. Draining your choline can cause a headache, and you certainly don’t want that on top of whatever misery you’re already suffering.

Supplementing citicoline may also have some long term benefits for drinkers as well. Choline is necessary for forming and storing memories, something that alcohol is notorious for disrupting. Citicoline could help prevent this from happening.

There is also evidence that keeping your choline levels high can reduce the desire for drinking and drug use. So, citicoline may help curb your appetite for the substances that cause your hangover in the first place. 10Wignall, Brown. Citicoline in Addictive Disorders: A Review of the Literature, Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse 201411Rahman, Prendergast. Cholinergic receptor system as a target for treating alcohol abuse and dependence, Recent Patents In CNS Drug Discovery 2012

Learn More About Citicoline

10. NAC

NAC for Hangovers

Versatile and effective all-round cognitive supplement

NAC (N-acetyl L-cysteine) is a potent antioxidant that can scrub toxins from your body and brain. It is used in hospitals to reverse acetaminophen overdose, but can also treat the side-effects of alcohol use.

NAC contains the amino acid L-cysteine, which increases the antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione, in turn, binds to acetaldehyde and removes it from the body at a quicker rate.

Acetaldehyde is responsible for the worst symptoms of hangovers and can cause serious harm to your body long-term.

So, by clearing acetaldehyde out of the body, NAC can ultimately lessen the severity of alcohol toxicity. NAC also lowers the inflammation that drinking can cause. This process may allow you to feel better fast, as well as limit overall damage to your organs.12Mouret J, Lemoine P, Minuit MP, Robelin N. L-tyrosine cures, immediate and long term, dopamine-dependent depressions. Clinical and polygraphic studies, C R Acad Sci III. 1988

Learn More About NAC Nootropic

11. L-Theanine

L-Theanine for Hangovers

The all-natural "chill pill"

Deleted: One of the classic hangover cures is a hot cup of coffee. While the caffeine may make you feel better, you can get an added benefit by stacking it with l-theanine. L-theanine is a naturally occurring compound found in tea that can work synergistically with caffeine to improve mood and focus. It is famous for taking the edge off of caffeine’s jitteriness. If you need to power through a hangover and get work done, l-theanine and caffeine are your best friends. The l-theanine will ensure that your coffee doesn’t overstimulate you and cause additional pain.

There is also evidence that taking l-theanine before drinking can reduce alcohol toxicity in mice. So, this nootropic may help you ward off the negative effects of overindulgence on either side of a big night out.13Sadzuka Y, et al. Effects of theanine on alcohol metabolism and hepatic toxicity, Biol Pharm Bull. 2005

Learn more about L-Theanine's Benefits

12. B-Vitamins

B- Vitamins for Hangovers

Alcohol = B Vitamin Deficiency

Alcohol is notorious for causing vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B’s are critical for mood and overall health because they help regulate hundreds of bodily processes.

In particular, you need them to build essential neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Not having enough of these neurotransmitters can cause mood swings and anxiety.

Vitamins B9 and B12 also prevent the formation of homocysteine. Homocysteine is an amino acid that can damage your cardiovascular system and brain. Alcohol consumption can cause higher levels of homocysteine.

Fortunately, taking a high-quality vitamin complex that includes B9 and B12 can help with this.14Alcohol Alert, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. 1993

Wrapping Up

The only surefire way to avoid a hangover is to practice moderation. But, if you’re dead set on letting the good times roll, you can at least pick up some of the nootropics on this list to ease the pain the morning after.

About the author:

Erik Levi, FNTP

Erik Levi is a co-founder of and a certified holistic nutritional therapy practitioner.

As an NTP Erik takes a nutrition first approach to health. He has worked with many different people to help them use nutrition to optimize their quality of life.

Erik believes that mental health is a physiological process and cognitive enhancement is not something that can be achieved by just taking some pills with good Amazon reviews.

Instead, true cognitive enhancement comes with the right balance of nutrients, movement, and gratitude. Erik continues to stay up to date with the most current nootropic and holistic health research and promises to deliver the best solutions possible.

You can check out his personal health blog/podcast/YouTube Channel all under the name Holistic A-Hole.

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