How Grounding and Earthing Improves Athletic Performance Performance w. Justin Frandson (ep 72)

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How Grounding and Earthing Improves Athletic Performance Performance w. Justin Frandson (ep 72)

Justin Frandson, one of the top athletic performance coaches in the country, joined me to discuss how he implements grounding and earthing into his coaching programs with elite athletes to boost their performance.  We discuss the energetics of muscles and how EMFs from modern technology sabotages our ability to thrive at the highest levels.

About Justin Frandson

Justin Frandson is an Athleticism Performance Coach that has worked with amateur and professional athletes for over the past two decades. He saw his athlete breaking down from the excessive levels of EMF from their SMART watches, wireless earbuds, and electric cars. He has tested hundreds of homes and clients. He sells the Grounding and Faraday Bags at doctor clinics throughout the country. The Grounding Bags are hand- mined crystals with moisture and magnetic properties to ground and repel EMF, all for a deeper night’s sleep. This is Mother Nature’s way of protecting us from the excess rollout of man-made radiation, not a man-made device attempting to
keep up with the other man-made levels.

Topics Discussed

  • Athletic Performance Coach
  • Optimizing Energy Fields for Boosting Energy and performance
  • Energy work to increase strength 
  • Animal Flow – Importance of crawling 
  • Red light therapy and Energy conduction
  • EMFs and 5G
  • Different types of electricity 
  • Impacts of low-level radiation
  • Benefits of grounding
  • Grounding Bags
  • Problems w. Electric Cars  (edit)
  • EMF and fertility
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