Plant-Based Electrolytes and Optimizing Nutrient Absorption w. Caroline Alan (Ep 60)

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Plant-Based Electrolytes and Optimizing Nutrient Absorption w. Caroline Alan (Ep 60)

Caroline Alan, mineral enthusiast, and President of BEAM Minerals joined me on the podcast for a fascinating discussion on the power of minerals.  The discussion mostly focused on 2 specific minerals, humate, and fulvic acid, which are plant-based electrolytes that optimize your body’s ability to utilize other nutrients you consume.  This conversation is a must-listen for anyone who wants to get more out of their supplementation.

About Caroline Alan

Caroline is the President of BEAM Minerals, which provides humic and fulvic mineral supplements.

Caroline Alan is a health survivor and mineral enthusiast. Coming from a career in the corporate world, like many, Caroline found herself struggling physically, mentally, and energetically.  As a result of her journey back to health, Caroline became devoted to educating people about the benefits of plant-based mineral supplementation.

Caroline’s research into the importance of minerals in human physiology and how they work in the body, has taken her deep into microbiology, molecular biology, cellular biology, agricultural soil science, and the study of plant decomposition. In the process, Caroline has found ways to help others understand how mineral depletion affects the body and how plant-based humic and fulvic mineral supplementation can support healing and optimal health.

Topics Discussed

  • Humic and Fulvic Minerals – Plant-Based Electrolytes
  • Learn more about Beam Minerals
  • Importance of Minerals
  • Humate mineral
  • Minerals support all cells in the body
  • 70+ minerals used by the body
  • Minerals are cofactors
  • Minerals aren’t sexy, but necessary
  • Our food supply is depleted in minerals
  • Over supplementation
  • Mineral Absorption relies on Ionized minerals – Fulvic and Humid Electrolytes
  • Humate is a potent metal chelator
  • Humid and Fluvic helps marijuana yield
  • Humid and Fulvic increase the bioavailability of other supplements
  • Electrolytes
  • Electrolytes good for Keto
  • Fulvic and Humid for mineral imbalances
  • Where does Humate and Fulvic come from
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