• Semi-synthetic Nootropic
  • Can Prevent Neurodegeneration
  • Can Improve Cerebral Blood Flow
  • May Improve Learning And Memory
  • May Protect Against Stroke
About Vinpocetine
Other names: Cavinton, Ethyl Apovincaminate
Good for:
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Typical Dose: 5-20mg
Half Life: 1-2 hrs

Written by Erik Levi, FNTP — Updated on November 26, 2020

Vinpocetine – An Overview

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Vinpotecine is derived from the plant Vinca minor

Vinpocetine is a synthetic nootropic that can be used for:

  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Alzheimers and dementia prevention
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Neuroprotection
  • Neuroplasticity

It is an analogue of the alkaloid apovincamine, which is isolated from the leaves of Vinca minor, commonly known as the lesser periwinkle.

It was discovered discovered in the late 1960s. 1Lörincz C, Szász K, Kisfaludy L. The synthesis of ethyl apovincaminate, Arzneimittelforschung. 1976

Physicians prescribe vinpocetine in the treatment of ischaemic cerebrovascular diseases and dementias of vascular type.

It especially helps improve blood flow to the brain. specially helps dementia as its believed that dementia blocks blood flow to the brain. 2Valikovics A. Investigation of the effect of vinpocetine on cerebral blood flow and cognitive functions, Ideggyogy Sz. 2007

What Does Vinpocetine Do?

Cognitive Performance

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Vinpocetine can promote brain health and overall cognition

Vinpotecine may have some nootropic effects on cognition, but most of the clinical studies have focused on patients who have some form of impairment.

Vinpocetine has a complex mechanism of action which can significantly improve cognitive functions, overall disease status and quality of life in patients with chronic cerebral hypoperfusion.

One study saw significant improvement in daily activity and mood after taking taking vinpocetine for 18 months.

Moreover, vinpocetine was safe and had a good tolerability during the whole study period. 3Valikovics A, Csányi A, Németh L. Study of the effects of vinpocetin on cognitive functions, Ideggyogy Sz. 2012

The authors of another study found a significant improvement of cognitive functions after a 12-week long oral vinpocetine therapy using psychometric tests due to increased bloodflow.

They recommend the use of vinpocetine for the treatment of patients with mild cognitive impairment. 4Valikovics A. Investigation of the effect of vinpocetine on cerebral blood flow and cognitive functions, Ideggyogy Sz. 2007

These positive cognitive effects may carry over to otherwise healthy adults, although more research is needed.


There are studies that identify vinpocetine as a unique anti-inflammatory agent that may be valuable for the treatment of many inflammatory diseases.5Jeon KI, et al. Vinpocetine inhibits NF-kappaB-dependent inflammation via an IKK-dependent but PDE-independent mechanism, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010

Vinpocetine can reduce inflammatory cytokines and reactive oxygen species that can lead to inflammatory pain. 6Ruiz-Miyazawa KW, et al. Vinpocetine reduces lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory pain and neutrophil recruitment in mice by targeting oxidative stress, cytokines and NF-κB, Chem Biol Interact. 2015


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Vinpocetine can possibly protect the brain during acute trauma, like stroke

This nootropic can protect the brain, especially during crises like stroke. There is evidence that vinpocetine can block cognitive damage during these attacks.7Tárnok K, et al. Effects of Vinpocetine on mitochondrial function and neuroprotection in primary cortical neurons, Neurochem Int. 2008

Vinpocetine also successfully lowers glutamate, a neurotransmitter which “inevitably plays a role in the initiation and spread of seizure activity.” It did this at lower levels than traditional antiepileptic drugs, making it a promising candidate for seizure treatment. 8Meldrum BS. The role of glutamate in epilepsy and other CNS disorders, Neurology. 1994 9Tárnok K, et al. Effects of Vinpocetine on mitochondrial function and neuroprotection in primary cortical neurons, Neurochem Int. 2008

Vinpocetine also has very powerful antioxidant properties, and can scavenge free radicals before they damage neurons. This can prevent toxicity and preserve cognitive function, especially as you age or undergo stress.  10Stolc S. Indole derivatives as neuroprotectants, Life Sci. 1999

In multiple studies of older adults with memory problems, vinpocetine produced significantly more improvement than a placebo in performance on global cognitive tests reflecting attention, concentration, and memory.11McDaniel MA, Maier SF, Einstein GO. “Brain-specific” nutrients: a memory cure?, Nutrition. 2003 12AO Ogunrin. Effect of Vinpocetine (Cognitol™) on Cognitive Performances of a Nigerian Population, Ann Med Health Sci Res. 2014

The beneficial effects of vinpocetine on memory may be due to its ability modulate cholinergic functions, prevent neuronal cell damage, and through its antioxidant mechanism.


Vinpocetine may be useful for treating symptoms of Alzheimer’s, although current research on this matter is mixed.

The results of some research demonstrate clearly that Vinpocetine increases the neuroprotective effect of adenosine on neurons.

Adenosine stimulates postsynaptic A1 receptors, which in turn inhibits the release of glutamate, a major neurotransmitter that has been linked to Alzheimer’s. 13Krieglstein J, Rischke R. Vinpocetine increases the neuroprotective effect of adenosine in vitro, Eur J Pharmacol. 1991

Unfortunately, a metaanalysis of human trials for vinpocetine and Alzheimer’s Disease did not establish a link that it could be beneficial. However, there are some issues with the individual studies they looked at, so these results should be taken with a grain of salt.

All identified studies were performed before and in the early 1990s and used different terms and criteria for cognitive decline and dementia. The data in these studies did not differentiate between the effects for degenerative or vascular dementia.

Only one study extended treatment to one year. Intention-to-treat data were not available for any of the trials. 14Szatmári S, Whitehouse P. Insufficient evidence of benefits of vinpocetine for people with dementia, Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group. 2003

So, there is theoretical basis for vinpocetine to treat Alzheimer’s, but more higher-quality clinical trials are needed before we can draw any firm conclusions.

Hearing Loss and Vertigo

Due to its ability to increase vascular flow, vinpocetine may be useful for treating hearing loss and vertigo caused by certain conditions. 15Ribári O, Zelen B, Kollár B. Ethyl apovincaminate in the treatment of sensorineural impairment of hearing, Arzneimittelforschung. 1976

Ocular Support

It may also improve eye health in the face of disease. One study found that vinpocetine can improve arteriosclerotic patients eyesight in almost all cases by increasing circulation and blood pressure . 16Kahán A, Oláh M. Use of ethyl apovincaminate in ophthalmological therapy, Arzneimittelforschung. 1976 17Kahán A, Szabó M. The effect of ethyl apovincaminate on the circulation of the eyeground, Arzneimittelforschung. 1976

Vinpocetine Before Bed

Some users claim that taking vinpocetine before bed can improve sleep, as well as improve alertness while awake.

Although there are no human trials regarding this effect, there is some data from animal trials backing this up.18Adam Sarkadi M.D, et al. Effect of vinpocetine on the sleep‐wake cycle of rats, Drug Development Research, 1988

How Vinpocetine Works In The Brain

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Vinpocetine quickly converts into avinpocetinic acid in the body, which yields most of its nootropic effects

This nootropic works through multiple pathways to achieve its effects, primarily by improving blood circulation, lowering inflammation, and increasing neuroplasticity.

Vinpocetine is readily absorbed from the small intestine following oral administration. After extensive metabolism it yields apovincaminic acid, the main active compound for this nootropic. From there it quickly crosses the blood brain barrier. 19Pudleiner P, Vereczkey L. Study on the absorption of vinpocetine and apovincaminic acid, Eur J Drug Metab Pharmacokinet. 1993 20Yao JH, Su CY, Chu XY. Pharmacokinetics and disposition of vinpocetine in rats, Yao Xue Xue Bao. 1994

It blockades sodium channels, which in turn inhibits the rise in sodium and calcium-induced by 4-aminopyridine. Research shows that increases in intracellular Na and Ca concentrations are responsible for cell damage during stroke and epilepsy.

So, the Na channel inhibiting properties of vinpocetine are thought to be responsible for its neuroprotective and anticonvulsant activity. 21Sitges M, Galván E, Nekrassov V. Vinpocetine blockade of sodium channels inhibits the rise in sodium and calcium induced by 4-aminopyridine in synaptosomes, Neurochem Int. 2005 22Adám-Vizi V. Neuroprotective effect of sodium channel blockers in ischemia: the pathomechanism of early ischemic dysfunction, Orv Hetil. 2000

Vinpocetine can also increase intracellular cGMP levels, leading to an increase in cerebral blood flow. This property is also responsible for neuroprotection. 23Hagiwara M, Endo T, Hidaka H. Effects of vinpocetine on cyclic nucleotide metabolism in vascular smooth muscle, Biochem Pharmacol. 1984

Vinpocetine is a phosphodiesterase type 1 inhibitor, which can influence neuroplasticity through a cascade of metabolic processes. This is most likely responsible for its effect on learning and memory. 24Beavo JA. Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases: functional implications of multiple isoforms, Physiol Rev. 1995

How Much Vinpocetine Should I Take?

Vinpocetine has been mostly tested in studies between 5 and 20 mg vinpocetine, given 3 times daily. You may want to adjust for specific issue you are trying to address.

Due to this extensive metabolism, it has low bioavailability. Under fasting conditions, its absolute bioavailability is 6.7%, and the relative bioavailability under non-fasting conditions has been reported to be 60–100% higher – should be taken with food.

Vinpocetine Potential Side Effects

At therapeutic doses, vinpocetine has not shown any significant side effects or toxicity to date, and it is considered a safe drug for long-term use.


Vinpocetine Reddit Reviews

I’m using Vinpocetine as a sort of “healing agent” to combat some of the short term memory issues I suffer on a daily basis (It is debilitating 🙁 Never abuse neurotoxic stims ).NewUser6667
First time I used it I got boost in motivation in speech. The second time I tried it the effect were not reproducible. Now I’m starting it again, because at least it improves my eye sight and want to see if I will be able to get the initial effects.​IAmClaudius
I have no sideeffects and I feel me motivated and concentrated.

Wrapping Up

Do you have questions about, supplementing with Vinpocetine? Do you have experience supplementing with Vinpocetine? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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