Using HRV To Make Champions w. Don Moxley (ep 57)

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Using HRV To Make Champions w. Don Moxley (ep 57)

Don Moxley, Director of Applied Science and Brand Development at Longevity Labs Inc, joined me on the podcast to discuss how he used the science of HRV to create world-class athletes.  We also discussed the exciting longevity benefits of spermidine and cannabis.

About Don Moxley

Don Moxley is Director of Applied Science and Brand Development at Longevity Labs Inc. in the United States. Dedicated to helping people live vibrant, fulfilling lives at all ages, Moxley draws upon his career as an athlete, a sports scientist, and an instructor to lead and educate on the science of autophagy and longevity.

Focusing his work on the cell renewal benefits of spermidine supplementation, Don is a regarded longevity science leader known for making the complex simple.

Whether it’s a one-on-one podcast interview heard by thousands, a presentation of research on spermidine to a wellness conference or plain talk to people who want to live their best lives as they grow older, Don makes the science of adding more life to our years immediately understandable.

Throughout his life and career, Moxley has applied science to enhancing well-being. A former captain and Big 10 Championship winner with the Ohio State University wrestling team, Don served as the university’s first sport scientist. By giving athletes the ability to track their progress in strength, cardiovascular and resilience training, he helped the wrestling team win a national title and three Big 10 Championships. He has helped athletes achieve two Olympic metals, four World Championships, seven National Championships and 23 All-Americans.

A resident of Granville Ohio, Moxley has been married to his wife Laura since 1990. When he’s not sharing knowledge about spermidine, cell renewal or longevity, he’s studying human performance.

Topics Discussed

  • Trained as exercise Physiologist
  • Former Wrestler
  • Teaches Exercise Science
  • Worked with Collegiate and Pro Athletes
  • Learned how to use HRV to optimize athletes’ training 7:00
  • Spermidine
  • Applied Science
  • Oura Ring-  HRV Readiness
  • Use a heart rate monitor
  • Need stress days and recovery
  • Recovery is growth
  • Psychological stress and HRV
  • Family stress is worse than real stress
  • Call of Duty and HRV
  • Spiritual Practices w. HRV
  • Endocabanoids complimented w. Cannabinoids
  • Spermidine Benefits
  • HRV: If it’s better than yesterday it’s good
  • Spermidine natural sources
  • Older folks feel spermidine more
  • How to know spermidine is working
  • Upregulate spermidine from the gut
  • Spermidine and Autophagy
  • Spermidine and Fasting
  • Cannabis
  • Spermidine Life Full Spectrum CBD
  • Erik15 for 15% Discount
  • Don’s Linkedin
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