Fight EMF’s Naturally w. Precious Stones and Minerals w. Juraj Kocar (ep 76)

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Fight EMF’s Naturally w. Precious Stones and Minerals w. Juraj Kocar (ep 76)

Juraj Kocar, CEO of Somavedic, joined me for an in-depth discussion on Somavedic and it’s EMF-cancelling powers.

About Juraj Kocar

Juraj Kocar is an endless optimist with a passion to build and grow projects with meaning. Currently working on his dream project – Somavedic. After his first encounter with a Somavedic device in early 2018, Juraj decided to help develop a go-to-market strategy for the US and became the CEO in 2019. Since then, the company has generated a multimillion $ in revenue in the US alone.
Somavedic is the EMF mitigation technology device that uses a unique blend of precious stones and minerals. It is handcrafted with the highest quality in the famous Crystal Valley of the Czech Republic. Somavedic harmonizes the adverse effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) and the geopathic stress on one’s body. Since 2011, Somavedic devices have helped more than 150,000 people in more than 52 countries around the world.

Topics Discussed

  • CEO of Somavedic
  • Somavedic is a home device that can lower effects of EMFs and Geopathic Zones
  • Geopathic Zones
  • Somavedic creates a field using a combination of precious stones and minerals
  • Field confirmed with bio-resonance device
  • Structured Water
  • Optimal Somavedic Location
  • Somavedic Benefits Include: HRV, Sleep, Mood
  • Somavedic encourages your body’s innate healing capabilities
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