Activate Your Vagus Nerve, Activate Your Life w. Dr. Navaz Habib (ep 87)

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Key Information

Vagus Nerve

A key nerve that connects the brain and the body, and regulates many functions such as stress, immunity, and digestion.

Health Upgrade

A podcast and a clinic that help people optimize their health by addressing the root causes of their health imbalances.

Dr. Navaz Habib

A functional medicine practitioner and an author who specializes in activating the vagus nerve for better health and performance.

Neural Plasticity

The ability of the brain to change and adapt in response to stimuli, which can be enhanced by stimulating the vagus nerve.

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Dr. Navaz Habib joined me to discuss the profound health impacts of the vagus nerve.  Dr. Habib is an expert in all things vagus nerve, from how it affects stress to its effects on our physical health and immunity.  We spent a lot of time discussing neural plasticity, heart rate variability and even long covid.  If you’re looking for a powerful way to calm your nervous system and upgrade your health, you’ll enjoy this informative chat!

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About Dr. Navaz Habib

Dr. Navaz Habib is the founder of “Health Upgraded,” an online Functional Health Optimization clinic, and the host of “The Health Upgrade Podcast”.  He works with high-performing professionals, athletes, and entrepreneurs to dig deeper and find the root causes that are holding back their health. He works with those who want to upgrade their health, allowing them to have a greater impact and serve more people.

Having experienced their health challenges, Dr. Habib and his team are well equipped to implement personalized recommendations for each client. In identifying the root causes of health imbalances, and addressing them naturally, his patients experience optimal health the way their bodies were meant to feel and allow them to give back to the world in whatever way they want to serve. Dr. Habib’s book “Activate Your Vagus Nerve” is a simple-to-follow guide to help you identify and address a major missing piece in patients dealing with chronic health concerns such as anxiety and depression. By activating the Vagus nerve, he teaches how we can optimize our productivity, focus, and energy levels, allowing us to experience the effects of upgraded health.

Topics Discussed

  • Health Upgrade Podcast
  • Vagus Nerve
  • Need to be healthy more important than weight loss
  • Trust chiropractors more than MDs
  • Being trained from a young age to not trust our own instincts.
  • Connection between the nervous system and immune system
  • Vagus Nerve
  • 4 Kinds of Stressors
  • Biochemical stress
  • Heart Rate Variability 
  • My best HRV story
  • Vagus nerve and long covid
  • Dynamic Neural Retraining System
  • Neural Plasticity
  • Exercises to strengthen vagus nerve
  • Caffeine’s vagus nerve effect
  • Book: Activate Your Vagus Nerve

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