The Psychology Of Getting Shredded w. Mario Tomic (ep 46)

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This chat w. Mario Tomic is all about fitness.  Mario is a top fitness coach who works with high-performers all around the world.   His YouTube channel has over 26 million views and is constantly churning out new content to help viewers reach their fitness goals.

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About Mario Tomic

Mario specializes in helping busy entrepreneurs and professionals get fit and build a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur, he’s invested more than 6 figures into my personal development and knows exactly what the challenges are when it comes to sustaining a health and fitness routine while growing a business or career. Finding balance is difficult.

He’s been in health and fitness since 2011 and have spent over 10 000 hours coaching and mastering fitness, nutrition, and the psychology of high-performance.

Along the way, he’s had the honor of presenting at 20 conferences and traveling to over 56 countries. He’s also been adding as much value as possible through my YouTube videos which received more than 23 million views with a community of over 200 000 members.

Topics Discussed

  • Got into fitness as a gamer
  • Started YouTube channel in 2015
  • Building good habits is key
  • High Performance Is A Habit
  • Getting started working out sometimes requires negotiating w. The mind
  • Working out powers the creative mind
  • The best workout is the one you can stick with
  • Avoid training before bedtime due to its ability to mess w. Sleep
  • 15+ sets per body part per week is required
  • When you are new to lifting don’t want to go to failure all the time
  • Cross Fit complex lift issues
  • Most people don’t need complex lifts
  • Rest days are crucial
  • Health consequences come when you’re under 10% body fat
  • Getting Shredded is Psychology
  • Calorie deficit is necessary for shredding
  • Maintaining muscle is the same as building muscle
  • Intermittent Fasting is an organizational tool
  • Optimal diet: Structure + Flexibility
  • Supplements: Vitamin D, Creatine, Krill oil, Whey/Pea Protein, Bone Broth


Biohack Your Brainpower

Stay ahead with our newsletter: cutting-edge biohacking tips and the latest in nootropics, all in one place.
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