The Link Between Addiction and Inflammation w. Dr. Gupreet Padda, MD (ep 84)

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The Link Between Addiction and Inflammation w. Dr. Gupreet Padda, MD (ep 84)

Dr. Gupreet Padda, addiction specialist and seasoned biohacker, and joined me to discuss the links between inflammation and addiction.  We discussed the role of fat, and insulin resistance along with ties between sugars and neurotransmitters.

Topics Discussed

  • Addiction specialist
  • Inflammation ties all chronic disease 
  • Understanding of addiction is based on flawed rat studies
  • What Is Inflammation
  • Leptin Resitance, Leptin is a cytokine
  • History of Inflammatory response
  • The evolutionary mismatch of fat accumulation
  • Fructose activates the dopaminergic pathway, Glucose activates serotonin pathway
  • IDE – Insulin degrading protein
  • Insulin resistance and Alzheimer’s
  • Benefits of cholesterol
  •  LDL-C vs LDL-P — The truth of LDL Cholesterol
  • Uric acid is an anti-inflammatory 
  •  Insulin markers: C-peptide; Insulin
  •  How high fructose leads to insulin resistance and ultimately depression
  • Most antidepressants work through the gut
  • Metformin Works through the gut
  • Toxic Vegetable oil history
  • Differences between Omega 6 and Omega 3 
  •  Neuroinflammation in prisoners, students, elderly home residents
  •  History of Insulin
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