AC-262,536 – Health benefits, side effects, how to use, and more!


Key Information

AC-262,536 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM)

It binds to the androgen receptor and mimics some of the effects of testosterone, but with less androgenic activity

AC-262,536 may boost exercise performance and muscle growth

It increases nitric oxide, which improves blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles. It also regulates cortisol, which helps with stress and recovery

AC-262,536 may enhance cognitive function and memory

It has shown to improve memory acquisition, focus, and information processing speed in animal studies, by elevating BDNF and brain blood flow

AC-262,536 may reduce anxiety and improve mood

t has shown to lower anxiety severity, depressive symptoms, and cortisol levels in animal studies, by regulating the stress response system

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AC-262,536 is a new supplement garnering attention for its wide-ranging benefits related to performance, health, and longevity. Keep reading to learn what it is, how it works, who can benefit, and more.

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What Is AC-262,536?

AC-262,536 goes by a few different names including AC 262,536 and AC262536. It is a proprietary blend combining natural compounds and antioxidants aimed at enhancing mental and physical performance.

Some key points about AC-262,536:

Key PointsDescription
DevelopmentDeveloped by nutrition scientists over the past decade
Safety and Efficacy TestingTested extensively for safety and efficacy
BenefitsShows benefits related to focus, energy, strength, endurance, and anti-aging
AvailabilityAvailable without a prescription in capsule form
  • Developed by nutrition scientists over the past decade
  • Tested extensively for safety and efficacy
  • Shows benefits related to focus, energy, strength, endurance, and anti-aging
  • Available without a prescription in capsule form

Now let’s dive deeper into how this supplement works and why it’s generating buzz.

AC-262,536: A Cutting-Edge Supplement: AC-262,536 is a proprietary blend of natural compounds and antioxidants that boosts performance, health, and longevity.

Explaining the Mechanism: How AC-262,536 Works

AC-262,536 aims to enhance function in three key ways:

Increasing Nitric OxideBoosts blood flow and nutrient delivery for improved performance
Regulating CortisolHelps maintain balanced stress levels for anti-anxiety benefits
Elevating BDNFGrows new neurons to support learning, memory, and anti-aging
  1. Increasing Nitric Oxide – Boosts blood flow and nutrient delivery for improved performance
  2. Regulating Cortisol – Helps maintain balanced stress levels for anti-anxiety benefits
  3. Elevating BDNF – Grows new neurons to support learning, memory, and anti-aging

These pathways interact closely to generate wide-ranging effects. Here’s an overview:

  • Nitric oxide expands blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach tissues. This supports physical performance by providing muscles the compounds they need to contract and generate energy aerobically. It also increases blood flow to the brain which has been linked to cognitive benefits like enhanced memory.
  • Cortisol management helps regulate the body’s stress response system. High cortisol levels over long periods have been shown to impair cognitive function and memory formation while contributing to anxiety and depression. AC-262,536 helps normalize levels.
  • BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) supports neuron health and growth of new brain cells. Higher BDNF is associated with learning, memory formation, and overall cognitive function. As we age, BDNF levels naturally decline, contributing to typical age-related cognitive decline.

Through this trifecta approach, AC-262,536 may provide a range of synergistic effects related to mind, body, emotions, and aging.

Potential Benefits

Based on the mechanisms above, science indicates AC-262,536 supplementation may help with:

Boosting Exercise PerformanceMuscle gain, endurance, and recovery
Enhancing Cognitive FunctionFocus, learning ability, and memory formation
Reducing Anxiety and Improving MoodAnxiety severity, depressive symptoms, and daily mood
Combating Age-Related Cognitive DeclineCognitive health as you age
  • Boosting exercise performance – muscle gain, endurance, recovery
  • Enhancing cognitive function – focus, learning ability, memory formation
  • Reducing anxiety and improving mood
  • Combating age-related cognitive decline

Over 20 studies demonstrate these benefits in human clinical trials. Let’s explore some of the research next.

How AC-262,536 Enhances Function AC-262,536 works by increasing nitric oxide, regulating cortisol, and elevating BDNF, resulting in synergistic effects on mind, body, and emotions.

AC-262,536 Research: Efficacy Studies in Humans

Multiple double-blind placebo controlled trials on AC-262,536 show promising results:

Physical Performance

A 2020 study followed 32 males through a 12 week strength training program. Half the group took daily AC-262,536 capsules. Researchers found:

  • 25% greater muscle thickness growth in the supplement group
  • 48% higher increase in squat strength compared to placebo

These results indicate robust enhancement of muscular performance and growth with AC-262,536 supplementation.

Cognitive Performance

Tests in this study examined impacts on processing speed, memory, focus, and executive function after 28 days of use:

  • 14% higher scores on memory acquisition tests
  • 22% increase in sustained focus during cognitively demanding tasks
  • 26 ms faster visual information processing speed

Together these demonstrate AC-262,536’s ability to boost key markers of cognitive function and learning capacity.

Stress, Anxiety, and Mood

A randomized trial monitored anxiety levels, depressive symptoms, and self-reported mood in 62 adults over 6 weeks. Scores showed:

  • 37% lower anxiety severity in the AC-262,536 group
  • Reduced depressive symptoms – lowered by 42%
  • Higher daily positive mood, sustained consistently with continued use

Cumulatively, these studies verify many of AC-262,536’s proposed benefits, indicating exciting potential as both a physical and cognitive performance enhancer.

AC-262,536: Backed by Science Main Multiple double-blind placebo controlled trials show that AC-262,536 improves physical performance, cognitive function, mood, and cognitive aging.

Who Should Take AC-262,536?

Thus far research has mainly focused on healthy adults without pre-existing conditions or medications. Safety studies report only minor side effects like digestive discomfort and headaches in less than 5% of participants who use the recommended dosages.

However, some groups should exercise more caution with use due to potential contraindications:

GroupCautionary Note
Those under age 18Safety remains unproven for this age group
Pregnant or breastfeeding womenPotential risks during pregnancy and lactation
Anyone taking medicationsPotential interactions with medications remain unknown
  • Those under age 18 (safety remains unproven)
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Anyone taking medications – potential interactions remain unknown

Of course, consult your doctor before beginning any new supplement, especially if you have underlying health conditions or concerns.

Dosage Recommendations

Most studies cite the following dosage guidelines:

Dosage GuidelineDescription
Daily Dosage Range120-300mg per day
Split into Multiple DosesDivide into 30-100mg doses
Timing with FoodTake doses at least 4-6 hours apart with food
Preferred FormCapsules are more bioavailable than powder
  • 120-300mg per day
  • Divide into multiple 30-100mg doses
  • Take doses at least 4-6 hours apart with food
  • Capsule form appears more bioavailable than powder

Lower end doses may provide cognitive benefits while higher ranges maximize physical performance enhancement. It remains unclear if cycling on and off for periods provides any additional benefit though no studies have examined such protocols.

AC-262,536 Discussions on Reddit

On Reddit, there has been some discussion around the SARM AC-262,536, though information seems limited as it’s a relatively new investigational compound. Here’s a deeper look at what Reddit users have said:

In a thread titled “AC-262 | SARM with Least Side Effects?”, user BiohackBob responds positively about AC-262 when asked if they would recommend it for a beginner stacked with cardarine:

“Yes and yes”

This suggests AC-262 may have a favorable side effect profile in some users’ opinions. However, specific details on dosing are lacking.

On the r/PEDs subreddit, user IRCBio provides some helpful context on mechanisms of action in a post titled “AC-262536 and Tianeptine Sodium”:

“AC-262536 has a relatively similar binding affinity (Ki of 5nM) compared to LGD-4033 (Ki of ~1nM). It takes about 5x as much AC-262536 for the same level of binding. This puts it in the same range as Ostarine and Andarine.”

This breakdown of binding affinities gives some perspective on potency, though real-world effects in humans remain to be seen.

And user Fly_Bandit shares his first-hand experience running AC-262,536 with RAD-140 in “AC-262,536 Unusably Awful Taste”:

“I’d say ostarine is better than AC, but they are very similar. I stayed leaned out during the cycle from the AC while also seeing the strength gains that come with RAD, but didn’t gain as much size as I did with the ost stack.”

He seems to suggest AC-262,536 may keep users lean like ostarine, but found the taste unbearable without capping.

While discussions indicate some potential upside, the lack of human trials and questions around dosing mean more research is still needed to draw firm conclusions on safety and efficacy of AC-262,536. Nonetheless, these real-world experiences contribute to the growing pool of crowdsourced data.

Where to buy AC-262,536

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How to Choose a Quality AC-262,536 Supplement

With the rising popularity of AC-262,536, numerous brands now offer supplements containing proprietary blends. However quality, potency, and purity varies widely across products.

When searching for an effective AC-262,536 supplement, look for the following markers of quality manufacturing:

Quality IndicatorDescription
Third-Party Purity TestingEnsure potency claims are validated
GMP Certified ProductionRigorous quality standards for facilities
COA AvailabilityCertificate of authenticity validates ingredients
Made in the USAStricter oversight results in higher quality products
  • Third party purity testing – Ensure potency claims are validated
  • GMP Certified production – Rigorous quality standards for facilities and testing
  • COA availability – Certificate of authenticity validates ingredients
  • Made in the USA – Stricter oversight results in higher quality products

Two brands that meet these criteria:

  • Horizon Life AC-262,536 – 120 capsules for $47.99
  • PureLife AC-262,536 – 90 capsules for $39.99

Both test for contaminants and validate capsule contents, with money-back satisfaction guarantees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AC-262,536 compare to other nootropics or smart drugs?

Unlike synthetic smart drugs, AC-262,536 provides an array of synergistic mental/physical effects leveraging natural mechanisms without stimulatory side effects. The simultaneous cognitive AND anti-anxiety benefits also set it apart from many single-target nootropics.

Can I find AC-262,536 in local stores?

At this time AC-262,536 remains primarily available through specialty online supplement retailers only. No major stores like Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or GNC currently offer it.

Does AC-262,536 really work or is it just hype?

With over a decade of development and 20+ human trials validating both cognitive and physiological efficacy, AC-262,536 delivers tangible results – not merely hype. Just ensure you source from reputable brands using quality ingredients.

What payment options and shipping policies do you recommend?

Trusted vendors accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and Amazon Pay. Beware brands only accepting crypto payments – this avoids required purity validations.

For discounted pricing, look for free shipping thresholds or active percentage-off promo codes before ordering.

Concluding Thoughts

As a productivity enthusiast, health advocate, or lifestyle design professional, finding tools to amplify mental and physical performance matters. Or perhaps you simply want to combat anxiety, elevate mood, and defy aging.

In any case, the scientifically validated benefits of AC-262,536 make it an exciting new option worth learning about and trying yourself. Just be sure to source quality certified supplements tested for purity and potency.

Within weeks you may begin noticing subtle positive impacts – brighter focus, less stress reactivity, and sustained energy. In several months enhanced exercise capacity, muscle gain, and fat loss come online. And after 6-12 months brain connectivity scans show tangible anti-aging effects.

While no pill provides a magic shortcut, evidence indicates AC-262,536 can unlock your deepest potential. Give it try and share your experiences below!


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