The Truth About Blue-Light Blocking Sunglasses w. Roudy Nassif (ep 70)

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The Truth About Blue-Light Blocking Sunglasses w. Roudy Nassif (ep 70)

Roudy Nassif from VivaRays joined me to discuss the topic of light, and why most blue-light-blocking glasses may be ineffective.  We go deep on the science of light and how it influences your circadian rhythm and overall health.

Who Is Roudy Nassif From VivaRays

Roudy is an engineer, health entrepreneur and speaker that helps entrepreneurs and business owners to sleep better, enhance their cognition and sharpness, have more energy and focus and become more productive by offering them the tools and strategies that they need in order to maximize healthy light while eliminating junk light from their lives.

Roudy has been educating more than 150 functional medicine and naturopathic doctors about the power of light and helping them optimize their personal as well as their patients’ wellbeing

Topics Discussed

  • Learn more about  VivaRays Blue Blockers
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  • Light
  • My experience in NYC light
  • Correlation between city living and depression/anxiety
  • How Schumann’s Resonance affects health
  • How light affects the body
  • Light is needed to turn amino acids into neurotransmitters
  • Dysregulated sleep timing can throw off body functions
  • Light’s Effects on ADHD
  • You must honor your “light diet”
  • Quantum Bio-Physics of light 
  • Dr. Jack Kruse – The right type of light at the right time of day vs the wrong type of light at the wrong times of day
  • Mitochondria function in light vs day
  • Diets and supplements only do so much
  • How blue blocker sunglasses work
  • Why Red light is bad for sleep
  • free guide
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