The Magic Of Mushrooms w. Tony Shields (Ep 32)

In this episode, I discuss nootropic mushrooms with Tony Shields, the founder of FreshCap Mushrooms, a leading brand in mushroom-based nutrition.

As a mushroom expert, Tony discusses his history with mushrooms, their benefits, and why he believes they are growing in popularity amongst high-performers.

Who Is Tony Shields

Tony is the co-founder of FreshCap Mushrooms, a leading brand in mushroom-based nutrition. He is passionate about all things mushrooms- from how they grow, to the amazing health benefits they can provide, and loves to share this passion through education and quality mushroom products

Topics Discussed

  • Tony has loved mushrooms since he was a kid
  • Most mushrooms don’t contain mushrooms.. are more grain
  • Mycelium vs Grain vs Fruiting Bodies
  • FreshCaps uses mostly Fruiting body
  • Proper mushroom extraction is necessary for ultimate beta Glucan content
  • Freshcaps do dual extraction
  • Freshcaps capsules don’t include flow agents for optimal purity
  • Best mushroom stack for high-performance: Lion’s Mane
  • Reishi is good for relaxing and sleep
  • Cordyceps improves O2 use which is good for exercise and physical performance
  • Mushrooms good for immunity
  • Lion’s Mane helps BDNF
  • Mushrooms used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years
  • Mushroom stacks.. Lion’s mane + Spearmint Extract.  Reishi + Magnesium + Peppermint + Chamomile + L-Theanine
  • Fungal microbiome in Humans
  • Reishi, Mytoci mushrooms show promise for cardiovascular health
  • Freshcap YouTube channel
  • Learn more at


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