Detox Hacks and Stacks w. Rob Besner, PSc.D (ep 54)

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Key Information

Rob Besner is the CEO and Chief Science Officer of Therasage

He developed infrared devices and applications to help his daughter with Lyme disease and now shares his discoveries with the world

Infrared light can improve toxicity and health

Infrared light can penetrate deep into the body and stimulate cellular detoxification, circulation, and healing.

Stacking and ordering therapies can enhance detox effects

Rob Besner recommends combining infrared sauna with other therapies such as binders, water, air, and light in a specific sequence.

Biohackers need to master health fundamentals

Rob Besner emphasizes the importance of nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress management as the basis of any biohacking strategy.

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If you’re into detox, especially sauna, you’ll love this podcast w. Rob Besner, CEO and Chief Science Officer of Therasage.  Rob is one of the most influential voices in the health space when it comes to proper detox and effective detox products.  His company, Thersage, has a massive product line of saunas, light therapy devices, air purifiers, water purifies, and more!

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About Rob Besner

Rob Besner, PSc.D, CEO and Chief Science Officer of Therasage, has always been an advocate of natural health and wellness. Graduating from Boston University in Pre-Med, Engineering, Psychology and Business, he continued onto post graduate work at Case Western Medical School and Holistic Medicine. After many years of illness, Mr. Besner’s teenage daughter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. This began his mission to find alternative, holistic and homeopathic avenues of treatment. He discovered the natural healing effects of Infrared frequencies and began developing specialized devices and applications to help his daughter with her health challenge. When he saw the positive results, he felt compelled to share what he had
discovered, and formed Therasage, now recognized as the leader in integrated Infrared technology. Therasage has built a reputation with the healthcare community and main stream public by educating and creating special cutting edge applications and protocols, unique from the rest. A Professor for the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, annual contributor at the World Committee on Infrared, a member of the Education Committee of the prestigious Hippocrates Health Institute, a presenter at many Medical, Integrative, and Anti-Aging Health Conferences, as well as an invited contributor on many pod-casts on line summits, on-air radio and TV health shows around the world, best-selling author, and considered a leading scientist in the field of Integrated InfraRed technology. Besner continues to research and develop new applications to bring the power of healing with nature to the world.

Topics Discussed

  • Chief Science Officer, device developer, and co-founder of Therasage
  • Biohacking Congress Save 50% w. Hack50.
  • Focused on detoxification
  • Found infrared light improved toxicity
  • Therasage – a leader in infrared technology
  • Stacking and Ordering therapies
  • Proper vs improper detox
  • Biohackers need to master health fundamentals
  • Infrared Sauna + Other Therapies
  • Trouble sleeping w red light
  • Red Light Sauna User Guide
  • How Red Light affects Nutrition
  • Quicksilver’s Pull/Catch – Binders
  • Detoxing Properly
  • Grounding and Negative Ions
  • Blue Zones and Negative Ions
  • Forest Air benefits
  • EMF blocking
  • InstaGram- @therasageinfrared 
  • YouTube Channel- The Healthy Hotline
  • Therasage Tik Tok
  • Therasage Facebook

Biohack Your Brainpower

Stay ahead with our newsletter: cutting-edge biohacking tips and the latest in nootropics, all in one place.
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