Take Thesis Nootropics Review: Personalized Nootropic Blends For Every Goal

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Key Information

Thesis Nootropics offers personalized solutions

Thesis uses an algorithm and coaching to match you with the best nootropic blends for your goals.

Thesis Nootropics has four different blends

Thesis provides energy, motivation, clarity, and creativity formulas, each with a unique mix of compounds.

Thesis Nootropics compares well with other brands

Thesis has higher dosing, more variety, and more flexibility than other popular nootropic stacks.

Thesis Nootropics is worth trying

Thesis has potent, safe, and effective nootropics that can help you achieve your best self.

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The world of brain hacking can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the concept.

So many compounds promise a particular benefit that it’s often tempting to take them all and hope for the best.

Knowing that your body is a chemistry lab, this approach to cognitive enhancement is a fool’s errand.

The truth is you have different needs for different tasks and goals.

Sometimes you need to speed things up, and other times you need to slow things down.

Enter Thesis Nootropics, a nootropic brand using a personalized approach to cognitive enhancement.

Knowing that everyone responds differently to specific compounds, Thesis offers goal-oriented formulations based on your particular needs.

In the following review, I highlight how Thesis’ nootropics program works, some pros and cons, and who might get the most out of their products.

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What Are Nootropics

First things first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page with the topic at hand, nootropics.

Nootropics are essentially supplements for your brain.

While they may seem new, nootropics have been around for 50 years.

They come in many different forms, from synthetic and available by prescription to more natural and easily found over-the-counter.

When taken correctly, nootropics are safe and highly effective.

On the other hand, things can go off the rails and cause problems if not done correctly.

This is why it’s always best to use these compounds under the watchful eye of a medical professional.

Many nootropics can elicit potent effects, and everyone’s results are highly individual and based on many physiological, and personal factors.

In other words, one random online reviewer’s experience will probably not be your experience.

Even the most natural, seemingly harmless nootropic can profoundly affect your brain.

Make sure you do your homework and refer to as many well-informed sources as possible before using anything.

For a complete primer on nootropics, check out: What Are Nootropics?

Who Are Thesis Nootropics

Thesis nootropics is a nootropics brand that offers personalized cognitive enhancement solutions.

The personalization aspect is the key here, as most other nootropic brands are not so hands-on with customer support.

They use an algorithm built by data scientists with over 12,882,593 data points to match you with formulas precisely aligned with your unique neurological makeup that identify areas for improvement to reach your desired goals.

The clincher is that they even have highly qualified nootropic coaches to guide you as you get started.

Main Difference Between Thesis and Other Nootropic Blends

Thesis is an excellent alternative to the industry-leading nootropic brands.

They use a simple questionnaire to match you with the best nootropic blends for you.

I can’t emphasize enough how impressive this aspect is.

While other nootropic stacks like Mind Lab Pro Qualia Mind and Alpha Brain offer plenty of product info, everyone gets the same blend at the end of the day.

The fact is that, depending on your needs, you may not need all that those stacks have to offer.

Some days you may need more focus and clarity, while on others, you may need more creativity or mood-centric compounds.

Your brain doesn’t work linearly. Providing options for making adjustments and staying fluid is one of Thesis’ significant strengths.

It’s essential to keep the context of the formula in mind when comparing these different nootropic blends.

Each blend has a unique mix of compounds that work synergistically with each other in specific ways.

Synergy Matters

It’s not enough to say there’s more of one thing vs. less of another thing. You have to consider the entire formula and how those compounds play with each other.

My recommendation is to try each of them for at least a month and see how you do.

Also, keep in mind that your personal circumstance plays into the mode of action. If you’re under a lot of stress, not sleeping, and eating junk, there’s only so much a nootropic product can do.

Take Thesis Coaching

Thesis breaks the mold here with access to free coaching as part of their subscription plan.

I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to understand what you’re doing with nootropics.

Using compounds that aren’t right for your goals, over supplementing with competing compounds, and underdosing the right compounds are just a few of the mistakes brain hackers make when using nootropics.

Speaking with a trained coach is invaluable if you want to get the most out of these products and truly hack your brain.

Thesis has several highly qualified wellness professionals on staff to answer all your questions and guide you towards the best nootropic options for you.

How Take Thesis Nootropics Work

Once you complete the introductory questionnaire, you are provided an introductory trial month box filled with four different nootropic blends.

You can use 1 blend per week or alternate daily.

It’s really up to you to monitor how each blend affects you.

After that, you can decide to continue with the blends that work, eliminate the blends that don’t work, or add different blends the following month.

This flexibility is a great feature as it helps you get more out of your nootropic choices while saving money on compounds that don’t work as well.

Thesis Nootropics vs Mind Lab Pro

mind lab pro wet brain

Mind Lab Pro is one of my top recommended nootropic stacks.

Their potent yet straightforward formula contains highly effective nootropics that promote creativity, memory enhancement, sharp focus, and good mood vibes.

This formula includes some of my favorite nootropics like Lion’s Mane, Phosphatidylserine, Citicoline, and L-theanine.

One of the things I love most about the Mind Lab Pro blend is the absence of artificial fillers and preservatives often found in nutritional supplements.

On the other hand, Thesis does include some preserving agents in their capsules like Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, and Stearic Acid.

Ingredient Comparison

On a nootropic by nootropic analysis, Thesis offers a wider variety of compounds between the different stacks you receive.

You even get more of each comparable nootropic in the Thesis formula.

For example, Thesis’ “Energy” blend offers 300mg of Citicoline while Mind Lab Pro has 250mg. Not a big difference in my book, but is for some people.

In that same formula, Thesis has 200mg of l-theanine compared to 100mg in Mind Lab Pro and 300mg of N-acetyl-L-Tyrosine in Thesis vs. 175mg in Mind Lab Pro.

Learn More About Mind Lab Pro HERE

Thesis Nootropics vs Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind Nootropic Stack

Qualia Mind is the most advanced preformulated nootropic stack on the market today.

With 28 ingredients, this stack covers a lot of bases.

Its use is touted by some of the biggest names in biohacking, and natural medicine, like Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey, Dr. Molly Maloof, and Jason Silva – the creator of NatGeo’s Brain Games.

It’s also prevalent among professional athletes and fitness personalities like some famous MMA fighters and cross-fitters.

Qualia’s formula is loaded with brain-boosting nootropics, cholinergics, amino acids, herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Ingredient Comparison

Like Mind Lab Pro, Thesis also has higher dosing of head to head nootropics compared to Qualia Mind.

Examples include

  1. Citicoline: Qualia – 250mg vs Thesis – 300mg
  2. Forskolin: Qualia- 20mg vs Thesis – 250mg
  3. Alpha GPC: Qualia 200mg vs Thesis 250mg
  4. Caffeine: Qualia 90mg vs Thesis 100mg

Preservatives-wise Qualia also contains sunflower oil, silicon dioxide, and calcium carbonate.

Learn more about Qualia Mind HERE

Thesis Nootropics vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain may be the most popular, mainstream nootropic product, thanks to several big-name celebrities touting it like Joe Rogan.

Like other nootropic blends, Alpha Brain also contains some potent brain-boosting ingredients, including cholinergics, l-tyrosine, l-theanine, and phosphatidylserine.

Many of the ingredients found in Alpha Brain are also found in Thesis products.

Unlike Mind Lab Pro and Qualia, Alpha Brain uses proprietary blend elements, making it difficult to know the exact doses of each ingredient in the formula.

This isn’t a big deal for many users, but I usually steer clear of supplements like this.

On the other hand, Alpha Brain seems to work for many high performers, so they’re clearly doing something right.

Learn More About Alpha Brain HERE

Thesis Stacks

Thesis offers a nice mix of preformulated stacks that you use strategically throughout the month.

Each blend is designed to help you meet a specific brain-boosting goal.

Below are some quick thoughts on each formula:


Rev your brain

Energy Formula by Thesis

  • Sharpen your focus and energy with powerful nootropics

  • Get the clean energy you need to smash your goals

  • Avoid the jitters and anxiety that can come with high-dose stimulants

  • Stay alert and focused all day long

The energy formula is loaded with nootropics that increase energy, fight fatigue, and build mental stamina.

This stack delivers 300mg of choline, 300mg of NALT, 100mg of Teacrine, and 100mg of caffeine – All nootropics that can certainly rev your brain and body.

There’s also l-theanine which pairs well with caffeine and teacrine to help level out the caffeine buzz and get more nootropic effects.

You also get a reasonable dose of NAC, which will help with the anxiety that comes with high doses of stimulating compounds.

What particularly interests me about this formula are the additions of Zynamite and Sabroxy, 2 proprietary compounds that are newcomers to the nootropics scene.

Zynamite is a stimulant that mimics caffeine but with more nootropic effects and less crash. It shows even more potent effects when paired with caffeine.1Wilfried Dimpfel. et al, Zynamite® ( Mangifera indica Leaf Extract) and Caffeine Act in a Synergistic Manner on Electrophysiological Parameters of Rat Central Nervous SystemResearchGate. 2018

Sabroxy’s clinical trials show that it helps with BDNF and learning.2Adrian L. Lopresti1, Stephen J. Smith1, Muhammed Majeed and Peter D. Drummond, Effects of an Oroxylum indicum Extract (Sabroxy®) on Cognitive Function in Adults With Self-reported Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled StudyFront.Aging Neurosci. 2021


Experience the power of Dynamine

Motivation Formula by Thesis

  • Powerful stack to keep you focused and motivated

  • Build mental stamina

  • L-theanine to balance the effects of caffeine and teacrine

This stack is a bit of a wild card, in my opinion.

The caffeine and l-theanine stack helps focus and energy. There’s also L-phenylalanine for dopamine and methylcobalamin, which helps with overall brain and nervous system function.

Dynamine, like caffeine, will give you an immediate energy boost and ward off fatigue.3Trisha A. VanDusseldorp, Matthew T. Stratton,, Alyssa R. Bailly, Alyssa J. Holmes, Michaela G. Alesi, Yuri Feito, Gerald T. Mangine, Garrett M. Hester, Tiffany A. Esmat, Megan Barcala, Karleena R. Tuggle, Michael Snyder, and Andrew S. Modjeski, Safety of Short-Term Supplementation with Methylliberine (Dynamine®) Alone and in Combination with TeaCrine® in Young AdultsNutrients. 2020

Forskolin is also great for memory and long-term potentiation.4Brice Ayissi Owona, PhD,corresponding author Caroline Zug, MSc, Hermann J. Schluesener, PhD, MD, and Zhi-Yuan Zhang, PhD, Protective Effects of Forskolin on Behavioral Deficits and Neuropathological Changes in a Mouse Model of Cerebral AmyloidosisJ Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 2016

I say this is a wild card because motivation seems harder to quantify. How much energy, blood flow, and alpha-state brain waves do you need to feel motivated?

I don’t think you can caffeinate your way to motivation, but this formula has some compounds that help stack the deck in your favor.


The zen blend of calming nootropics

Clarity Formula by Thesis

  • Formulated to support a calm, focused flow

  • Clarity is especially useful when you need to perform at your best, even under stressful conditions

  • Made with natural ingredients

  • Non habit forming

The clarity formula includes nootropics that promote brainwave activity aimed at helping you focus.

It includes the classic caffeine + l-theanine combo with a good amount of choline via alpha GPC and lion’s mane.

This stack alone should get your brain in that productive, focused state.

Add in the BDNF boost from 7,8 DHF and the mitochondrial boost from epicatechin, and this is a potent stack for those needing laser focus.

Keep self-doubt at bay

Creativity Formula by Thesis


This formula is geared at sparking inspiration and boosting confidence, both needed for feeling creative.

The combination of Alpha GPC and the caffeine/l-theanine stack is a good start.

Ashwagandha is undoubtedly an excellent way to keep nerves at bay and, in combination with agmatine and Zembrin, can boost those good vibes.

You can tell Thesis goes heavy on stress control here with the addition of the Panax Ginseng.

Between the HPA-axis modulation and the mood-boosting compounds, this formula may be a great way to keep self-doubt at bay and let those unfettered thoughts fly.

Wrapping Up

What I Like

  • Nootropic Personalization
  • Different stacks for different goals
  • Access to coaching and support
  • Nootropic stacks are high potency with higher doses of effective compounds

What I Don’t Like

  • Fillers and preservatives in the nootropic formulations


Thesis Nootropics are indeed a nootropic product worth trying.

The stacks are loaded with potent compounds, each designed with an intended purpose, making getting exactly the effect you want easier.

I mostly love the coaching aspect, which is perfect for those with questions, which most people taking nootropics have plenty of.

If you’re looking for a high-quality nootropic that truly wants to help you achieve your best self then check out Thesis and get started!


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