Zona Plus Review

Zona Plus Review – Can This Handgrip Device Lower Blood Pressure and Boost Longevity?

Hypertension is a significant public health scourge that increases one’s risk of cardiovascular diseases, cognitive decline, and overall mortality. As hypertension cases continue to trend upward, many people are looking for natural tools to help manage this condition.  The Zona Plus automated handgrip device is one such tool that utilizes isometric handgrip exercises to help manage …

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Using Tech For Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia w. Kelly Roman (ep 66)

Kelly Roman from Fisher-Wallace Labs joined me to discuss the latest in cognitive-enhancing technology.  The Fisher-Wallace Stimulator is a modern version of electrode therapy that provides mental stimulation in the comfort of your own home. About Kelly Roman Kelly Roman is co-founder of Fisher Wallace Laboratories, a medical device company based in New York that …

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The Coolest Biohacks – Nootropics, Peptides, Longevity, Light Therapy & More! w. Dr. Neil Paulvin (Ep 62)

Dr. Neil Paulvin and I speak all about the coolest things in the biohacking and health space including nootropics, peptides, senolytics and light therapy.  Dr. Paulvin is one of the most knowledgeable functional medicine doctors in the country in regards to human optimization and in this podcast we discuss his approach to medicine and how …

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Using Technology To Mimic Human Touch & Calm The Nervous System w. David Rabin, MD, PhD (Ep 58)

This talk with Dr. David Rabin, MD, PhD is geeky dive into the science of hacking the nervous system to mimic human touch.  Dr. Dave is a clinical psychiatrist with a PhD in neuroscience and has developed one of the most exciting wearable technologies on the market today, the Apollo Wearable.  In this chat we …

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Apollo Neuro Wearable

The Powerful Apollo Neuroscience Discount Code + Review After 1 Year

I personally use the Apollo Neuro at least a few times every day. I like to use the Clear and Focused mode in the morning while getting my most brain-intensive work done. At night I kick back with the Relax and Unwind setting while listening to an audiobook just before bed. The proof is in …

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Phenibut Withdrawl

GABA plays a pivotal role in many crucial mental activities. Its main job is to antagonize the excitatory neurotransmitter, glutamate, to modulate anxiety and stress. In turn, many people use Phenibut for its equally calming effects and relaxation benefits. What is Phenibut Phenibut is a powerful mood-boosting nootropic meant to treat anxiety insomnia, and other …

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How Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Affects Mental Performance

Heart rate variability is one of the most important variables to measure when optimizing mental performance. HRV is your heart’s interpretation of the influence of stress on your body and your ability to adapt to it. To truly optimize your mind, you must eliminate as many stressors in your life as possible. Knowing your HRV …

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