7 Best Racetams For Superhuman Performance| Focus, Mood, Memory & Brain Health

Best Racetam If you’re into nootropic supplements, there’s no doubt you’ve come across the term “racetam.” Racetams are some of the most popular nootropics available on the market today. When taken responsibly, racetam nootropics provide an excellent way to improve your long-term memory recall, leading to long-term memory improvement in physical and mental performance while …

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Celastrus Paniculatus: Benefits, Dosing, Where To Buy, And More!

What Is Celastrus Paniculatus ‘Celastrus Paniculatus’ is a climbing shrub that stems up to 10 cm. This herb is dispersed throughout tropical and subtropical forests of the Himalayas, India. Traditionally, it is referred to as Jyotishmati, Malkangani, black oil plant, and the intellect tree. The seeds of Celastrus and the oil extracted from Malkangani flowers …

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Phenibut Withdrawl

GABA plays a pivotal role in many crucial mental activities. Its main job is to antagonize the excitatory neurotransmitter, glutamate, to modulate anxiety and stress. In turn, many people use Phenibut for its equally calming effects and relaxation benefits. What is Phenibut Phenibut is a powerful mood-boosting nootropic meant to treat anxiety insomnia, and other …

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The Ultimate Guide To Magnesium For Anxiety and Depression

Magnesium is important. It is one of the most utilized nutrients in your body, and most people don’t have enough of it. In times of stress, your body turns to magnesium to maintain homeostasis and not completely melt down. Your body has evolved to use magnesium to power its most important metabolic processes. Until recently, …

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BDNF, brain derived neurotrophic factor

What Is The Role Of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) In The Brain?

Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is a protein in the human brain that supports the growth and maintenance of neurons. It is considered a neurotrophin, capable of generating new brain cells through a process known as neurogenesis. It is a critical factor for optimizing memory, learning, and overall cognition. Without BDNF, your brain would not be …

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The Best Herbs For Naturally Boosting Focus and Concentration

One of the most important qualities of being a high performer is the ability to focus and concentrate. For some people, this discipline comes easy. However, for most of us, it doesn’t take a lot to throw our minds off track. Considering all of the distractions in the modern world, being able to stay fully …

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nootropics for healthy digestion

How Your Gut Health Affects Your Mental Health

There is an emerging field of nutritional mental health that looks at holistic factors when treating cognitive disorders. Mental health is not merely a question of what happens inside your head. It’s difficult to fully separate what occurs in your brain, and what occurs in the rest of your body. In particular, new research is …

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How glutamate excitotoxicity effects brain function

Glutamate Excitotoxicity – A Powerful Neurotransmitter

Glutamate excitotoxicity is a significant factor in cognitive dysfunction that you may not be aware of, but really should be. It can play a role in any number of issues, including: Attention problems Anxiety Brain fog Low mood Depression Cognitive decline Neuron damage In fact, glutamate excitotoxicity seems to pop up as a factor in …

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Is Neurofuel (Ciltep) A Good Nootropic – Benefits, Comparisons, & User Reviews

Neurofuel, formerly Ciltep, is a family of preformulated nootropic stacks for everything from memory and focuses enhancement to mood stabilization. Natural Stacks, the makers of Neurofuel, promise “increased motivation, improved concentration, mood, and enhanced ability to study.” Neurofuel is one of the first commercially available nootropic stacks on the market, debuting in 2012. It has …

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Ampakines: Benefits, Dosing, Where To Buy, And More!

Ampakines – An Overview Ampakines are a class of nootropic drugs that modulate the brain’s AMPA receptors and may have a positive effect on: Memory and learning Cognition Mood Ampakines may prove to be a novel new treatment for various conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, treatment-resistant depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, and others. The Strongest Nootropics? One …

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L-Glutamine: Benefits, Dosing, Where To Buy, And More!

L-Glutamine – An Overview Glutamine is the most abundant and versatile amino acid in the body. This makes it one of the most fundamentally essential factors in protein synthesis, metabolism, glutamate production, and many other functions. Glutamine is the precursor of glutamate (Glu) and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which are the main excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters, …

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