Take Thesis Nootropics Review: Personalized Nootropic Blends For Every Goal

The world of brain hacking can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the concept. So many compounds promise a particular benefit that it’s often tempting to take them all and hope for the best. Knowing that your body is a chemistry lab, this approach to cognitive enhancement is a fool’s errand. The truth is …

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Train Like An Elite Athlete w. Mike Salemi (ep 80)

Fitness trainer Mike Salemi joined me to discuss his holistic approach to boosting strength and power in the gym.  Mike is a former professional powerlifting and kettlebell competitor who now trains elite athletes and is one of the most sought-after strength trainers in the country.  In this episode, Mike shares the same foundational training principles …

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Mindful Health Equals Simple Weight Loss w. Dave Sherwin from Dirobi (Ep 77)

Dave Sherwin, founder Dirobi.com, joined me to discuss the power of using mindful movement and simple dietary changes to achieve optimal health. About Dave Sherwin Dave Sherwin is a certified fitness nutrition coach and founder of dirobi.com. His passion is helping grown-ups navigate real-world health challenges and achieve their best health and wellness at any age.  …

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Top 5 Best Nootropic Drinks For Energy, Focus, and Productivity

Top 5 Best Nootropic Drinks For Energy, Focus, and Productivity!

Nootropic Drinks Are you one of the many folks hopelessly addicted to caffeine? Your brain feels like it’s stuck in first gear, and no amount of caffeine seems to do the trick. The good news is you’re not alone. There’s a reason why the energy drink and coffee industries are so profitable. The beverage industry …

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7 Best Racetams For Superhuman Performance| Focus, Mood, Memory & Brain Health

Best Racetam If you’re into nootropic supplements, there’s no doubt you’ve come across the term “racetam.” Racetams are some of the most popular nootropics available on the market today. When taken responsibly, racetam nootropics provide an excellent way to improve your long-term memory recall, leading to long-term memory improvement in physical and mental performance while …

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The Ultimate Mental Health Blood Test w. Brendan Vermeire (ep 71)

Brendan Vermeire, aka the Holistic Savage, joined me on the podcast to take a deep dive into the biomarkers that most influence mental health.  We discuss how inflammation and histamine sensitivities affect cognition and how monitoring the right biomarkers from blood tests can help you truly biohack your mental capabilities.  He even has his own …

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Why Deuterium-Depleted Water Is The Key To Anti-Aging w. Robert Slovak and Victor Sagalovsky (ep 69)

Robert Slovak and Victor Sagalovsky from Litewater joined me to discuss all things water.  Litewater produces high-quality deuterium-depleted water while education on the importance of depleting deuterium from water.  This podcast is full of crucial tidbits on fueling your body with the highest quality water! About Robert Slovak Robert Slovak is a degreed Mechanical and …

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Feel It Til You Heal It w. Lena Franklin (ep 68)

Lena Franklin joined me to discuss the practice of mindfulness for transformation.  We discussed her experience helping people heal through gratitude, meditation, and intention along with the importance of using play and fun as a way of rediscovering joy. About Lena Franklin Lena Franklin is a Modern Medicine Woman, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, and Transformational Speaker, offering …

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What Are Saffron's Nootropic Benefits?

Saffron: Benefits, Dosing, Where To Buy, And More!

Saffron, the dried red stigmas of a small purple crocus is one of the most expensive and sought after spices in the world. For over 3000 years it’s been used mainly as a natural additive in cooking to enhance flavor, color, and aroma. The origin of Crocus sativus can be traced back to the Late Bronze Age …

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Somavedic Review

The New Somavedic Review: Combat Hazardous EMF, Energize Water, & More! (2022)

There’s no escaping EMF radiation. If you want to participate in modern society, you must accept that EMF exposure is part of the deal. In recent years more conscious consumers have raised concerns over the long-term health effects of this exposure and are actively looking for ways to mitigate any harm. As someone who relies …

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Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue: Benefits, Dosing, Where To Buy, And More!

If you’re looking to experiment with one of the planet’s most potent, well-studied nootropics, methylene blue may be just the ticket. Just be aware this is not for amateurs. While widely available for commercial usage, this product is designed as a research compound and does not deliver similar results for all users. However, the studied …

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From Burnt-Out To Straight Fire w. NOA|AON (Pavel Stuchlik) (Ep 65)

This podcast with Pavel Stuchlik aka DJ/Producer NOA|AON is a deep dive into using biohacking, breathing, and meditation to achieve optimal states of mind and wellbeing.  We discuss Pavel’s transformational story of going from being a sick, burnt-out entrepreneur into an international wellness superstar and how he used specific biohacks, nootropics, and mindfulness practices to …

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