Ubiquinone vs. Ubiquinol | Discover the CoQ10 That’s Best For You!

Ubiquinone vs Ubiquinol CoQ10 is one of the essential nutrients your body needs to work optimally due to its direct impact on the mitochondria. This is why supplementing with CoQ10 is so crucial, as many people don’t get enough from their diet alone. For those looking to supplement, you’ll quickly notice the 2 types most …

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The 5 Best NMN Supplements| Boost Energy, Longevity, Immunity, & More!

While aging is as unavoidable as taxes and a lost wifi connection in that one corner of your house, there is a lot of new and exciting research pointing to ways to slow it down. One of those ways is by boosting NAD+ with precursors like nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). The good news is that NMN …

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Better Tech For Better Heart Health w. Harsh Vathsangam, PHD (ep 75)

Harsh Vathsangam joined me to discuss interesting advances in digital health and how his company, Moving Analytics, aims to serve the community of cardiac patients looking for better, more accessible healthcare. About Harsh Vathsangam Harsh Vathsangam, Ph.D. is the Co-Founder of Moving Analytics, a digital health company that helps conquer heart disease as the leading …

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Top 11 Toxins In Vitamins That Are Potentially Harmful | Fillers, Preservatives, Oils, and More!

For many, supplementation is a fact of life. The 21st-century body has many nutritional demands just to keep up with the stresses of modern life, and unfortunately, today’s food supply simply doesn’t deliver those nutrients. Adding the necessary vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients into your daily regimen can help you thrive in this hectic world. The …

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Does Coffee Break A Fast

When I first began fasting, I made it a point to be a strict, water-only faster as I thought this was what fasting was. However, as I spend more time in biohacking circles and observe what others are doing, I notice many folks drinking coffee during their fasting period. As a coffee lover myself, I …

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Proven Benefits of Adaptogens

10 Proven Benefits of Adaptogens

Adaptogens are natural substances that can help balance the body and improve health. They have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, but only recently have people started to truly understand their benefits. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the most popular adaptogens and what they do for your body! How Do …

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Red Light Therapy For Mental Health

Red Light Therapy For Mental Health, Stress, and Inflammation

Red Light Therapy, also known as photobiomodulation or low-level light therapy, is a therapeutic modality that uses low-intensity, long-wave light for mental and physical healing. Recent research sheds light (pun intended) on its effectiveness in cognitive optimization. The following article discusses the cognitive benefits of red light therapy, including how it sharpens your mind, boosts …

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The Ultimate Guide To Magnesium For Anxiety and Depression

Magnesium is important. It is one of the most utilized nutrients in your body, and most people don’t have enough of it. In times of stress, your body turns to magnesium to maintain homeostasis and not completely melt down. Your body has evolved to use magnesium to power its most important metabolic processes. Until recently, …

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Nootropic Benefits of Yoga, yoga and nootropics

The Nootropic Benefits Of Yoga

In the last 30 years, the practice of yoga has gained popularity in cities all around the United States. Mainstream American culture has not only adopted this 4000-year-old practice but has become obsessed with it. Yoga studios are popping up all over the country and fostering active, thriving communities of yogis of all experience levels. …

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best cbd coffee, is cbd coffee legal

Why CBD Coffee Is An Amazing Nootropic

  What Is CBD Coffee? CBD coffee is a new type of drink that blends the stimulatory effects of coffee with the relaxation of cannabidiol (CBD). It is becoming more and more popular since the legalization of CBD in the US. Many people enjoy these two ingredients’ synergy, and there may be some nootropic benefits …

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3-oxypyridine – Health benefits, side effects, how to use, and more!

  3-oxypyridine is a synthetic compound that was developed in Russia for cognitive enhancement and protection. It’s also known by the names of its derivatives, which include emoxypine, Mexidol, or Mexifin. 3-oxypyridine – An Overview It may have nootropic benefits for: Depression Anxiety Neuroprotection Learning and memory It may also have a positive holistic effect …

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