The best nootropics for yoga

The Best Nootropic Supplements To Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Bliss. That feeling after 90 stretchy, bendy, sweaty minutes on the mat. That jello, spacious feeling in your bones where all the worries you came into class with have melted away. This is why you do yoga. This feeling of peace and relaxation that seems elusive in most other areas of life. If yoga is …

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The Best Nootropic Brain Supplements For Social Distancing

We’re living through an unprecedented event. The entire world is shut down as a precautionary measure to save people from contracting the COVID-19 virus. The solution has been to force people into the 14th-century practice of quarantining. This ancient practice that was originally meant for ships carrying cargo into Venice from infected ports has now …

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Is Neurofuel (Ciltep) A Good Nootropic – Benefits, Comparisons, & User Reviews

Neurofuel, formerly Ciltep, is a family of preformulated nootropic stacks for everything from memory and focuses enhancement to mood stabilization. Natural Stacks, the makers of Neurofuel, promise “increased motivation, improved concentration, mood, and enhanced ability to study.” Neurofuel is one of the first commercially available nootropic stacks on the market, debuting in 2012. It has …

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Bacopa Monnieri: Benefits, Dosing, Where To Buy, And More!

Bacopa Monnieri – An Overview Bacopa Monnieri is a nootropic herb that has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It has proven benefits for: Memory and retaining information Concentration Focus Lowering inflammation Raising mood and fighting stress It is considered an adaptogen, helping the body adjust to stress and relieving anxiety. …

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NAC: Benefits, Dosing, Where To Buy, And More!

NAC – An Overview NAC (N-Acetyl-Cystine) is a powerful antioxidant supplement with many benefits for the body and brain. In fact, it may have the most wide-ranging positive effects of any nootropic on the market. According to research, it could potentially help with: Depression & mood Anxiety Neuroprotection Cognition Learning & memory Overall brain health …

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Green Tea Extract: Benefits, Dosing, Where To Buy, And More!

Green Tea Extract – An Overview Green tea extract may have a nootropic effect on: Brain health Memory Mood Cognitive function. Green tea (Camellia sinensis) has been traditionally used in Asia, especially in Japan and China, for thousands of years. The growing research on green tea’s health benefits has caused a recent surge of interest …

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