Red Light Therapy & The Brain w. Brian Richards from Sauna Space (ep 28)

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Key Information

Sauna Space founder healed himself

Brian Richards used Near Infrared (NIr) Sauna Therapy to cure his acne, insomnia, and adrenal fatigue.

NIr Sauna Therapy has many benefits

NIr Sauna Therapy delivers Hyperthermic Infrared waves that heat the cells, improve blood flow, and stimulate healing.

Sauna Space products are unique and innovative

Sauna Space offers the world’s first Faraday-Cage Sauna, which blocks electromagnetic fields and enhances relaxation.

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In this podcast, I discuss the benefits and mechanics of red light, Near-Infrared sauna therapy with Brian Richards, founder of Sauna Space.

This conversation is a deep dive into all things red-light sauna.  How it works and what makes it such an efficient, beneficial home therapy.

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About Brian and Sauna Space

In 2008 SaunaSpace founder Brian Richards needed to make a decision: fill prescriptions for acne,  insomnia, and adrenal fatigue, or take a chance with Near Infrared (NIr) Sauna Therapy,  as recommended by an alternative medicine doctor.  

For  Brian, it was a no brainer.

But there was a problem, at the time you couldn’t find a NIr sauna. So, he began his journey to change that. Over the following years, Brian became consumed with creating the perfect product, fueled by the healing transformation of his personal experience with NIr Sauna Therapy.

At the beginning, SaunaSpace was one big DIY project, where Brian did everything from designing his logo and website to building every sauna himself. 

Today, Brian heads the 35-person team that operates 18000 square feet of workshop space.

His personal journey to optimal health inspired him to create SaunaSpace’s Incandescent Sauna product line, in order to help others discover the pathway to natural healing, which now includes the world’s first Faraday-Cage Sauna.

Topics Discussed

  • Why Brian Started Sauna Space
  • Neuropsychiatric effects of Red Light Therapy
  • Over 7000 studies on red light and sauna in PubMed
  • Red Light increases Mitochondrial density
  • Dopamine and serotonin are released when you shine red light on the head which lowers depression
  • Red light aids recovery from TBI
  • Red light regenerates and recovers the brain cells
  • No side effects, but dose-dependent therapy
  • Sun is an incandescent light source
  • Sauna Space does Incandescent light, Broad spectrum
  • Stimulating Mitochondria is the best way to promote healing
  • Study: Executives execute tasks better w. Red light therapy
  • Sauna Space delivers Hyperthermic (980-1500) Infrared waves which better heats the cell more than simple photobiomodulation and Far-infrared
  • NIR light penetrates 2-4 inches into the body, most efficient way to heat the body without making the air hot.  3 degrees.
  • When you heat the brain cells they create BDNF
  • Heat Shock Proteins from sauna promote healing, protein refolding, and help insulin resistance
  • RL therapy study on COVID, 4 20 min NIR treatment reduced pneumonia index
  • RL therapy is good for calming the immune system for avoiding autoimmunity
  • Sauna Space saunas have no EMF
  • Sauna Space Photon light cancels out the damaging blue lights found in homes and offices
  • Used incandescent light for horses for over 100 years.  Traditionally used for wound healing
  • Most LED light is flickering light that is the same as strobe that causes more problems
  • UV light has mutagenic effects and damages DNA
  • Dose dependent: 10 mins on the head.  5-10/day.  Titrate up.  Other parts of the body can do 20-30 mins several times per day.
  • Alzheimer’s Sauna Study.  
  • Use Red light on the back of the head 10 mins before bed for best sleep results
  • Red light can raise testosterone
  • NIR helps Seasonal Depression
  • Sauna Space 100-day guarantee

Where To Find Brian And Sauna Space

  • Sauna.Space
  • IG Page and IG Lives
  • Get 5% Discount On All Saunas w. Code “HOLISTICNOOTROPICS5” at checkout

Biohack Your Brainpower

Stay ahead with our newsletter: cutting-edge biohacking tips and the latest in nootropics, all in one place.
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