PRL-8-53: Benefits, Dosing, Where To Buy, And More!

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Key Information

PRL-8-53 is a memory enhancer:

PRL-8-53 is a synthetic compound that may improve long-term memory formation and retention.

PRL-8-53 boosts dopamine levels:

PRL-8-53 may increase dopamine production in the brain, which is linked to better learning and cognition.

PRL-8-53 has limited scientific evidence:

PRL-8-53 has only one human study and a few animal studies to support its nootropic effects.

PRL-8-53 is available online:

PRL-8-53 can be purchased from reputable nootropic vendors like Nootropics Depot.

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PRL-8-53: Everything You Need To Know

The world of nootropics is full of interesting compounds deemed by many as “research molecules” that show many potential benefits.

PRL-8-53 is one such chemical that may be a powerful nootropic that helps with memory formation.

Although PRL-8-53 may be more fringe than other nootropics due to its lack of official evidence, many in the nootropic community have anecdotal evidence that points to its potency in boosting cognitive function.

The following post is a complete guide on PRL-8-53, including its primary benefits, how to best use it, where to buy it, and what compounds it stacks best with.

What Is PRL-8-53?

PRL-8-53 (chemical name: methyl amino ethyl benzoate) is a laboratory-made supplement created in the 1970s primarily to improve memory and enhance cognition.

Nikolaus Hansel first synthesized PRL-8-53 at Creighton University.

PRL-8-53’s memory-enhancing effect has been replicated in several animal studies.

These studies’ authors believe that PRL-8-53’s ability to enhance cognition comes from its action on neurotransmitters in the brain (especially acetylcholine).

Clinical trials show acetylcholine activity is linked to significant learning and improvement in memory formation.1Michael EHasselmo, The role of acetylcholine in learning and memoryCurrent Opinion in Neurobiology. 20062Paul E.Gold, Acetylcholine modulation of neural systems involved in learning and memoryNeurobiology of Learning and Memory. 2003

PRL 8 53 Benefits

Although limited, there is some evidence-based analysis that reveals the nootropic effect of PRL 8 53.

Memory and Cognitive Function

One of PRL-8-53’s main benefits is its ability to boost dopamine and, in turn positively affect memory formation.3N. R. Hansl A novel spasmolytic and CNS active agent 3-(2-benzylmethylamino ethyl) benzoic acid methyl ester hydrochlorideExperientia.1974

This is because elevated dopamine levels are linked to significant improvement in adaptive and working memory.4DaphnaShohamy, R. AlisonAdcock, Dopamine and adaptive memoryTrends in Cognitive Sciences. 2010 5Söderqvist, S., Nutley, et al, Dopamine, working memory, and training induced plasticity: Implications for developmental research.APA PsycArticles. 2017

PRL-8-53’s chemical constituents are major contributors to this benefit as well since it is produced by combining phenylethylamine and benzoic acid.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) is known for improving motor function in animals.

Animal studies show that phenylethylamine (from PRL-8-53) improves rats’ avoidance learning and locomotor behavior.6Tannhauser SL et al, Effects of phenylethylamine on rat locomotor behavior and avoidance learning.Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research = Revista Brasileira de Pesquisas Medicas e Biologicas. 1989

The one human study on PRL-8-53 also confirms its potency as a memory enhancer as it demonstrated the ability to enhance learning and help in retaining verbal information.7N R Hansl, B T Mead, PRL-8-53: enhanced learning and subsequent retention in humans as a result of low oral doses of new psychotropic agentPsychopharmacology. 1978

While PRL-8-53 improves long-term memory and reduces cognitive decline. Its impact on short-term memory is not very clear.

Neurological Disorders

Limited studies support the claim that PRL-8-53 can help treat neurodegenerative conditions like dementia.

Phenylethylamine from methyl amino ethyl benzoate (PRL-8-53) has shown promising results in treating neurological disorders.

For example, patients with neuropsychiatric disorders like Parkinson’s show decreased phenylethylamine levels.8Marion E.Wolf, Phenylethylamine in neuropsychiatric disordersGeneral Pharmacology: The Vascular System. 1983

Research suggests that an increase in PEA levels in the brain can have an antidepressant effect and improve overall cognitive function.9HECTOR C. SABELLI, and A. DAVID MOSNAIM, Phenylethylamine Hypothesis of Affective BehaviorThe American Journal of Psychiatry. 2015

Lacking Evidence

While anecdotal evidence within the nootropic community points to PRL-8-53 as a potent nootropic for improving memory and boosting dopamine production, it’s hard to find more than one published study supporting this evidence.

To date, only one human study has been conducted to check the efficacy and effects of PRL-8-53 and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of ongoing research.

Therefore, it’s hard to make any solid claims regarding how an average person’s body responds to PRL-8-53.

That’s not to say that we don’t suggest taking it as most users online claim many benefits and few adverse effects.

It’s always important to remember that cognitive enhancers like nootropics, no matter how innocent they may seem, can profoundly alter cognitive function for both good and bad.

Even modulating the cholinergic system as is the case with PRL-8-53 can have adverse effects in certain people and lead to a mild headache, increased anxiety, and possibly even alterations in other neurotransmitters like serotonin production.

However, if you are one who is not afraid to dip your toes in and try PRL-8-53, my best advice would be to first seek out professional medical advice and source it, like other smart drugs and nootropics from reputable nootropic vendors.

Nootropics Depot is my number one choice for sourcing PRL-8-53. Learn more at the link below:

What The Only Human Study Says

The only human study on PRL-8-53 was conducted back in 1978, and there has been no significant research on the supplement ever since.10Nikolaus R. Hansl & Beverley T. Mead , PRL-8-53: Enhanced learning and subsequent retention in humans as a result of low oral doses of new psychotropic agentPsychopharmacology. 1978

This study investigated the effect of 3-(2-benzyl methyl amino ethyl) benzoic acid methyl ester hydrochloride i.e. PRL-8-53, on verbal information and learning retention.

The participants were made to take a memorization test.

Subjects of the study had to memorize 12 monosyllabic words in a specific order.

This word recollection test was done thrice i.e., immediately after supplementation, after one day had passed and after four days had passed.

The test showed that individuals who took the supplement experienced minor benefits over the placebo group.

The researchers duly noted statistical significance in the retention of verbal information in human subjects.

The values for verbal information retention were better than the placebo performance.

However, no significant changes in motor control and the visual reaction of the participants were noted.

This indicated that the drug is only capable of enhancing memory retention and does not have any impact on motor control.

Where To Buy PRL-8-53?

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As far as reputable nootropic vendors they are at the top of the list and fortunately sell high-quality PRL 8 53 at a reasonable price with fast shipping across the USA.

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Consult A Qualified Medical Provider For Guidance On Appropriate handling methods

The recommended dose or ideal dosage for PRL-8-53 is not known due to the lack of human studies.

According to the study, a single dose of 5mg per day is safe.

As per the patent information on PRL-8-53 the suggested range is 0.01-4mg/kg of the patient’s weight.

The ideal range of PRL-8-53 is 0.05-1.2 mg/kg.

Users must avoid taking high doses of the supplement as it may lead to negative effects.

Side Effects

Due to the lack of research and clinical trials, the side effects of PRL-8-53 are unknown.

In the only human study conducted, the researchers observed no side effects.

According to one rat study, the supplement PRL-8-53 might impair movement (but only in animals).11N R Hansl, A novel spasmolytic and CNS active agent: 3-(2-benzylmethylamino ethyl) benzoic acid methyl ester hydrochlorideExperientia. 1974

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