At-Home Electromagnetic Brain Training w. Marko and Igor from OmniPEMF (Ep 31)

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Key Information

OmniPEMF is a leader in wearable PEMF technology

OmniPEMF produces devices that use pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) to stimulate brain waves and entrain the brain.

NeoRhythm is their latest device for brain stimulation

NeoRhythm is a wireless headband that can be controlled by a smartphone app. It has over 50 programs for different wellness goals.

Transcranial Stimulation can produce action potentials in neurons

Transcranial Stimulation uses magnetic pulses to activate neurons and modulate brain activity. It can have benefits for sleep, energy, relaxation, and pain relief.

PEMF can have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects

PEMF can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which are linked to many chronic diseases. PEMF can also inhibit cancer cell growth and induce apoptosis.

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I’m discussing PEMF and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with Marko (founder) and Igor (lead researcher) from OmniPEMF.

OmniPEMF is a leader in at-home wearable PEMF technology.

Their most recent wearable headband device, the Neorhtym is one of the top at-home devices for stimulating brain waves and PEMF entrainment.

Read my full review of the NeorRhytm at: OmniPEMF Neorthythm Review

Learn more about the NeoRhythm HERE

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Topics Discussed

  • OmniPEMF Neorthythm
  • NeoRhythm is a “Wellness device and not a Medical Device”
  • Can relieve pain
  • No buttons or wires on the Neorthythm
  • Only PEMF device on the market where you can use a smartphone to program it
  • Over 50 programs available on the device
  • You can use Neorthythm throughout the body
  • Designed for the elderly to use.  Intuitive build.
  • Transcranial Stimulation: Produce action potentials in your neurons with magnetic pulse
  • Benefits include: Sleep, Energy, Relaxation, Pain Relief
  • Can have mood benefits but not direct
  • PEMF effective against inflammation and even shown to combat cancer in cells
  • Evidence shows PEMF is helpful in many neurodegenerative conditions
  • Too much rhythm leads to illness, too much chaos leads to illness.  Find balance between rhythm and illness

Biohack Your Brainpower

Stay ahead with our newsletter: cutting-edge biohacking tips and the latest in nootropics, all in one place.
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