At-Home Electromagnetic Brain Training w. Marko and Igor from OmniPEMF (Ep 31)

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At-Home Electromagnetic Brain Training w. Marko and Igor from OmniPEMF (Ep 31)

I’m discussing PEMF and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with Marko (founder) and Igor (lead researcher) from OmniPEMF.

OmniPEMF is a leader in at-home wearable PEMF technology.

Their most recent wearable headband device, the Neorhtym is one of the top at-home devices for stimulating brain waves and PEMF entrainment.

Read my full review of the NeorRhytm at: OmniPEMF Neorthythm Review

Learn more about the NeoRhythm HERE

Topics Discussed

  • OmniPEMF Neorthythm
  • NeoRhythm is a “Wellness device and not a Medical Device”
  • Can relieve pain
  • No buttons or wires on the Neorthythm
  • Only PEMF device on the market where you can use a smartphone to program it
  • Over 50 programs available on the device
  • You can use Neorthythm throughout the body
  • Designed for the elderly to use.  Intuitive build.
  • Transcranial Stimulation: Produce action potentials in your neurons with magnetic pulse
  • Benefits include: Sleep, Energy, Relaxation, Pain Relief
  • Can have mood benefits but not direct
  • PEMF effective against inflammation and even shown to combat cancer in cells
  • Evidence shows PEMF is helpful in many neurodegenerative conditions
  • Too much rhythm leads to illness, too much chaos leads to illness.  Find balance between rhythm and illness
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