Neha Jamil, BDS

Medical Reviewer

Neha Jamil is a 23-year-old professional Dentist with her Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS) from the University of Health Sciences Lahore. She is also pursuing an M.Phil in Oral Pathology and additionally possesses a 2-year clinical experience. Along with her excellent qualifications, she has chosen to be a Medical review writer to ensure that only authentic medical knowledge is passed on. She has not only written medical articles based on her professional experience but has also written for topics from other areas ranging from Fashion, Spirituality & Well-being to Amazon Reviews.

Our Medical Review team

At Holistic Nootropics, we are committed to presenting every individual with clear, trustworthy, evidence-based health and wellness information. To be your most trusted source of information, our content is medically reviewed to verify our content's accuracy. The clinicians vetting our content bring extensive backgrounds from across the spectrum of medical specialties and their perspectives from years of clinical practice, research, and patient advocacy.