Using Tech For Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia w. Kelly Roman (ep 66)

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Using Tech For Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia w. Kelly Roman (ep 66)

Kelly Roman from Fisher-Wallace Labs joined me to discuss the latest in cognitive-enhancing technology.  The Fisher-Wallace Stimulator is a modern version of electrode therapy that provides mental stimulation in the comfort of your own home.

About Kelly Roman

Kelly Roman is co-founder of Fisher Wallace Laboratories, a medical device company based in New York that was the first to commercialize wearable brain stimulation. Prior to Fisher Wallace, Kelly graduated from Harvard and served as a marketing executive in the media and software industries.

Topics Discussed

  • Fisher-Wallace Laboratories
  • Former Science Fiction writer
  • Electrical Brain Stimulation Device
  • Regulated by the FDA
  • Influence of drugs coming out of patent
  • Rx prescription process streamlined w. Ordering process
  • why people are turning to wearables over medications
  • How Fisher Wallace Stimulator device works
  • Stimulation of the default mode network
  • Downregulation of fight or flight
  • Brainwave entrainment for alpha state
  • Memory improvement
  • Electrode therapy
  • Longevity benefits
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