Creatine Before vs After Workouts, Stretching Overrated, Caffeine Placebo w. John Fawkes (ep 39)

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Creatine Before vs After Workouts, Stretching Overrated, Caffeine Placebo w. John Fawkes (ep 39)

This episode with John Fawkes is all about optimizing fitness.  John and I discuss simple fitness hacks that can boost your workout results and the overall mind-body connection.

About John Fawkes

John Fawkes is a Los Angeles-based health and physique coach who helps people simultaneously build muscle and get leaner, while also living a healthier lifestyle.  He has certifications from Precision Nutrition and the NSCA.  John is the owner of and managing editor at The Unwinder.

Topics Discussed

  • Managing Editor of
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Stretching overrated
  • Listening to Loud music could be as effective as warming up
  • Pre-Workout protein
  • Caffeine as a pre-workout
  • The volume of training is the impetus of muscle growth
  • Creatine 5g 2x/day is highly effective
  • Creatine absorbs post-workout + sugar
  • Caffeine can interfere w. Absorption of creatine
  • Vitamin D3, Fish oil, Zinc,
  • Zinc taste test
  • Magnesium glycinate, Mg Threonate
  • Must test
  • Daylio app
  • Importance of Journaling
  • Most people not eating enough protein during breakfast.. leads to overeating in the day.
  • 26 mins – Breakfast rant
  • Fasting
  • The post-workout Feeding window is longer than most people think
  • Glycemic Index
  • Hot foods have a higher GI than cool foods
  • Lumen
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Erik Abramowitz is a health coach, certified nutritional therapist, and biohacker. He is an advocate for nootropics and believes in using science to improve people's lives. Erik is also a new dad and loves spending time with his son. Before becoming a health coach, Erik was a stand-up comedian. He toured the country and performed at some of the top comedy clubs. But, after getting married and having a child, Erik decided to pursue a more meaningful career path. Now, Erik helps others achieve their health goals through his coaching practice and online programs. He is passionate about helping people feel their best, both physically and mentally.

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