Make Your Water Stick with Dr. Dee (Episode 16)

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Make Your Water Stick with Dr. Dee (Episode 16)

In this episode, I speak to Dr. Dee all about the impact of nutrition on overall health and mental optimization.

Dr. Dee is a wealth of knowledge in the nutrition space and is able to break down the importance of understanding how different foods work in the body.

We talked a lot about the importance of understanding the nuances of food including ingredients and how to prepare food to optimize nutrient density.

We also discussed the issues of the food industry and how many products that are sold in grocery stores are made for sales and not nutrition.

Who Is Dr. Dee

Denise Pickett-Bernard Ph.D., RDN, LDN, IFNCP is a functional and integrative nutritionist who has developed and modified both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in culinary nutrition and integrative and functional clinical nutrition.

Considered an expert in culinary nutrition and food-based interventions, she maintains a private practice in Roswell, GA where she helps clients reach vibrancy and flourishing using mindful food-based interventions.

Dr. Pickett-Bernard also acts as the Functional Nutrition Liaison and Associate Professor at Nova Southeastern University.

She is a faculty member with the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy and led their culinary immersions for 3 years.

Her most recent endeavor is to produce a rehydration beverage

Having practiced as a Reiki Master for over 15 years, energy medicine influences all of her professional initiatives.

Learn more about Dr. Dee at

Topics Discussed

  • The advantages of being a professional chef and integrative nutritionist
  • Ingredients and preparation of food is more important than macros
  • Good vegan diets vs poor vegan diets
  • All the different diets have benefits when done correctly
  • Different foods you eat and beverages you drink change your biochemistry
  • Negative thoughts can influence stress hormones and inflammation
  • Underlying inflammation sneaks up on you
  • Drinking water helps eliminate toxins from the body
  • The liver makes toxins water-soluble
  • Toxins are hidden in a lot of food and drinks.
  • Leaky gut sabotages the brain
  • The power of food and mood journals to link mental conditions to food
  • Herbs and spices help make food good but are also anti-inflammatory
  • Food labels are intentionally deceptive
  • Packaged food is designed for people to eat more of it
  • Even foods labeled as “healthy” are usually not healthy
  • The power of Mindful eating and its connection to lowering chronic disease
  • Toxic Ingredients commonly used in restaurants
  • PF Chang’s lettuce wraps are high in sugar
  • Revitalize Pro R3 rehydration packet good for reducing inflammation
  • Make water stick with electrolytes
  • Free webinar on food as medicine
  • Get Dr. Dee’s electrolyte-powered rehydrating drink R3 @
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