Mindful Health Equals Simple Weight Loss w. Dave Sherwin from Dirobi (Ep 77)

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Mindful Health Equals Simple Weight Loss w. Dave Sherwin from Dirobi (Ep 77)

Dave Sherwin, founder Dirobi.com, joined me to discuss the power of using mindful movement and simple dietary changes to achieve optimal health.

About Dave Sherwin

Dave Sherwin is a certified fitness nutrition coach and founder of dirobi.com. His passion is helping grown-ups navigate real-world health challenges and achieve their best health and wellness at any age.  He is also the creator and host of The Dirobi Health Show which covers everything to do with health and wellness, including the latest in nutrition, exercise, supplements, and clinical studies.

Topics Discussed

  • Fitness Coach
  • Shiny Object Syndrome in Fitness
  • Looks to keep things simple
  • Real health looks boring
  • Slowing down to go fast
  • 5 Why’s – Helpful to get to your true motive 
  • Weight Loss as a side effect
  • Drink half body weight in ounces of water each day
  • What are you not ready to give up?
  • Book: Story Brand
  • Food and Mood Journal
  • How Caffeine Affects us differently
  • Importance of Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Importance of movement and flexibility for 
  • Importance of mobility warmups
  • Free Downloads: https://dirobi.com/pages/resources
  • Coupon Code Insider 15% Off Everything on Dirobi.com

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