Light Therapy Is The Ultimate Biohack w. Carlos Lastres (Ep 45)

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Key Information

Light therapy can heal and boost wellness

Light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, uses different types of light to stimulate cellular processes and enhance health outcomes.

Light therapy has various applications

Light therapy can be used for skin health, general health, biohacking, cognition, brain function, stress, and more.

Light therapy has scientific evidence

Light therapy is backed by thousands of peer-reviewed studies and personal testimonials that demonstrate its effectiveness and safety.

Light therapy is accessible and affordable

Light therapy devices are available from various manufacturers, such as Kaiyan Medical, that offer high-quality and innovative products at reasonable prices.

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Light therapy is all the buzz in the biohacking and holistic health space right now.  Thousands of peer-reviewed studies and even more personal testimonials point to the power of light to heal and boost overall wellness.  I this podcast I discuss light therapy with Carlos Lastres who works as lead designer for one of the biggest light therapy device manufacturers in the world, Kaiyan Medical.   This conversation gets into the nitty-gritty of how different types of light can serve as a potent therapy for both the mind and body.  Check out Carlos’ links below to learn more!

Biohack Your Brainpower

Stay ahead with our newsletter: cutting-edge biohacking tips and the latest in nootropics, all in one place.

Biohack Your Brainpower

Stay ahead with our newsletter: cutting-edge biohacking tips and the latest in nootropics, all in one place.

About Carlos Lastres

Carlos Lastres is a Costa Rican-native and a UX/UI designer currently living out his dreams as the Creative Director for Kaiyan Medical – one of the largest, most innovative LED light therapy manufacturers in the world. He’s deeply passionate about the incredible benefits of light therapy, biohacking, and the integration of traditional Chinese medicine as ways we can all live healthier and more balanced lives. Working in the light therapy sector, he’s able to tap into his passions like design and creativity. With over 11 years of experience working for companies all over the world, Carlos prides himself in being able to work cross-culturally with people in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the U.S. He has been featured on Chinese media such as CCTV4, “In Zhejiang”, FM89, and delivered a TEDx Talk in Hangzhou, China in 2019.
Head to the following links for more on Carlos’ experiences and portfolio.

Topics Discussed

  • Light Therapy
  • Had his own healing experience w. Light therapy
  • Photobiomodulation has thousands of studies
  • Red light is absorbed by the cells
  • Light therapy was originally for wrinkles and skin health.. now for general health
  • Light therapy includes: Red light, Blue light, Green Light, Infrared
  • Differences between different lights
  • Near Infrared vs Far Infrared
  • Red light for biohacking
  • Applying red light to the head can improve cognition and brain function
  • Greenlight good for stress

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