Alcohol Alternative Nootropic Drinks w. Fay Behbehani (ep 90)

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Alcohol Alternative Nootropic Drinks w. Fay Behbehani (ep 90)

Fay Behbehani, founder of Bonbuz – A nootropic alcohol alternative beverage company – joined me for a fun chat about the process of creating alcohol alternative solutions for the sober curious.

About Fay Behbehani

Fay Behbehani is a self-proclaimed wild gal turned sober-curious. Of Middle-eastern descent and having grown up in London and the South of Spain, it was during her time at Ogilvy & Mather, that she got a taste of how brands are built. Pursuing her passion for creating products with impact, she moved to LA and became a beverage entrepreneur in both the alcoholic and eventually, the non-alcoholic space. As the former head of marketing for a California-based brain tech company, she discovered her passion for plant medicine and its therapeutic properties for mental and physical ailments + optimizations. This was catalyzed during my time as the co-founder of Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka where I became sober-curious in 2018 on a meditation retreat and realized that drinking culture needed a radical shift.

Fay started to realize the intense mental + physical effects that alcohol was having on her overall health and explored leveraging the power of plants and natural supplements for a better high. Harnessing my breadth of experience, whilst indulging in my passion for positive impact, I founded Bonbuz, setting out to revive and modernize the spirits industry and share with the world what the future of drinking looks and feels like.

Topics Discussed

  • Founder of Bonbuz – Non-Alcohol Alternative Nootropic Drink
  • The Glamorization of booze and drugs is a weakness
  • Bonbuz normalizing fun without alcohol
  • Drinking and sleep
  • Substituting alcohol for nootropics
  • 5-HTP and Tyrosine need to be careful
  • Millennials view alcohol differently
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