Top 5 Best Nootropic Drinks For Energy, Focus, and Productivity!

Top 5 Best Nootropic Drinks For Energy, Focus, and Productivity!

Nootropic Drinks

Are you one of the many folks hopelessly addicted to caffeine?

Your brain feels like it’s stuck in first gear, and no amount of caffeine seems to do the trick.

The good news is you’re not alone.

There’s a reason why the energy drink and coffee industries are so profitable.

The beverage industry knows that many folks are desperate for fast-acting brain stimulants to boost focus and overall cognitive performance.



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Best Nootropic Drinks 2022 – Quick List

Recess #1
Best All-Around Nootropic Drink
Qualia Nootropic Energy Shot #2
Qualia Nootropic Energy Shot
Best 5-Hour Energy Alternative
BonBuz #3
Best Alcohol Alternative
Jocko Go #4
Jocko Go
Best Nootropic Energy Drink
Brain Boost On The Go Drink (Brain MD) #5
Brain Boost On The Go Drink (Brain MD)
Best drink for improving mood
PartyAid #6
Best Mental Recovery Drink

Now don’t get me wrong, caffeine is a powerful nootropic supplement!

When drunk at the right time, black, regular coffee has many health benefits!

But when takenalongside such ingredients as those found in your standard commercial energy drink or foo-foo Starbux coffee, all those nootropic benefits are lost.

For those who want the brain performance-enhancing effects of caffeine without the negative health consequences, a refreshing nootropic drink may be just the ticket!

These readily available drinks showcase the latest innovation in beverage development and are designed as a “smart drink” to kick your mental mojo into high gear.

In this article, we’ll look at the five best nootropic drinks on the market today!

Whether you’re looking for a natural caffeine alternative to ween off the excessive quantities of caffeine found in coffee and energy drinks or just something to kick your brain into high gear, there’s no doubt that one of these nootropic beverages can do the trick.

What Is A Nootropic Drink?

Top 5 Best Nootropic Drinks For Energy, Focus, and Productivity
Nootropic beverages are delicious, readily available drinks filled with nootropic ingredients.

Each nootropic drink is loaded with natural ingredients that boost mental output, cognitive processing speed, and mood!

These beverages deliver rocket fuel to your brain and give you long-lasting mental endurance!

The best drinks are low in allergenic nutrients and are mostly all gluten free.

Nootropic Beverages Vs. Coffee and Energy Drinks

Top 5 Best Nootropic Drinks For Energy, Focus, and Productivity

Unlike coffee, whose only nootropic is caffeine, these beverages lean on natural ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea l theanine, alpha gpc, lemon balm, and more to boost mental mojo.

And as opposed to many energy drinks, they actually taste good! (Shots fired!)

Nootropic Beverages vs. Green Tea

While green tea is undoubtedly loaded with health benefits, its nootropic benefits are limited compared to the milieu of brain-productivity enhancers found in most nootropic beverages.

Newcomer In The Beverage Industry

I find it refreshing that most of the better nootropic beverage development comes from smaller, upstart companies rather than your typical, more prominent commercial beverage brand.

These smaller companies are more focused on delivering high-quality products rather than cutting corners and skimping on quality control for the sake of scale and profit.

How Nootropics Enhance The Mind

Top 5 Best Nootropic Drinks For Energy, Focus, and Productivity

Nootropics are a class of cognitive enhancement drugs, also known as “smart drugs,” used to improve mental performance.

While the idea of nootropics may seem like a relatively new concept to most people, they’ve actually been around for 50 years.

The first synthetic nootropic smart drugs were created in the 1970s, while more natural nootropics like St. John’s Wort, artichoke extract, yerba mate, and Griffonia seed extract (precursor to 5-HTP) continue to demonstrate both clinically and anecdotally their effectiveness as brain productivity enhancers.

There are hundreds of nootropics that work on different parts of the mind.

Some of the most notable nootropic effects include their ability to improve focus, memory, verbal fluency and even mood!

Nootropic Drinks Are The Perfect Alcohol Substitute

Finding a suitable alcohol alternative can be frustrating for those trying to quit drinking.

In recent years the beverage industry has released some exciting drink options to try and mimic the social lubrication that alcohol offers, but these have mostly fallen flat.

On the other hand, a cool Nootropic drink can be a perfect alcoholic beverage substitute.

The included nootropic ingredients deliver the alertness and neural connections you need to be on your game in social situations.

As someone who rarely drinks, having something resembling a cocktail when out and about is key to feeling comfortable around other people.

The Top Nootropic Drinks On The Market Today!

Best All-Around Nootropic Drink


  • Well-formulated mix of CBD, cannibanoids, adaptogens, and nootropics

  • Refreshing and calming effect

  • Fits in nicely at parties and other functions – great alternative to alcoholic drinks

  • We love the taste – sophisticated yet familiar

Of all the nootropic beverages I’ve tried, Recess is at the top of my list for 2 specific reasons:

  • It’s the easiest to integrate into everyday life.
  • It includes such ingredients as sparkling water, hemp, and adaptogens!

The flavor selection is on point, with delicious peach ginger, blackberry chai, black cherry, and coconut lime!

It’s one of those drinks that people will stop and ask what you’re drinking.

The nootropic ingredients are also on point, as each can is loaded with the best natural nootropics.

Whether you go for the Recess Calm or Recess Mood, you’re guaranteed to get a solid dose of cognitive enhancers.

These include adaptogens like lemon balm, American ginseng, and Passion Flower.

Every can includes a good dose of hemp extracts, including CBD and other cannabinoids!

You’ll also find potent classic nootropics like l-theanine and electrolytes.

The cherry on top? Recess is fully transparent with their quality control offering visitors to the website access to the lab results of ingredients found in their products.

Recess is a sure winner for those looking for a delicious, refreshing drink that can boost overall cognitive function!


  • Lots of great-tasting flavors
  • Low in sugar, calories, and carbs.
  • Free shipping to most locations


  • Can be expensive if ordered in small quanities

Best 5-Hour Energy Alternative

Qualia Nootropic Energy Shot

  • A great formulation that is light-years ahead of any competition

  • If you have a decent salary and rely on higher-order cognitive abilities in your work, this is a cost-effective and potentially income-boosting solution.

  • Nootropic ingredients such as alpha-GPC and L-theanine gives it tons of potential.

Suppose you’re looking for a quick nootropic hit that can immediately boost cognitive blood flow, clear brain fog, and directly power you through trying mental tasks. In that case, the Qualia Nootropic Energy Shot should do the trick!

Think 5-Hour Energy except filled with nootropics that are actually good for your health.

This convenient, easy-to-carry shot is loaded with cognitive-boosting nootropic ingredients.

Every dose includes 9 Nootropic compounds, 3 Adaptogen extracts, 2 NAD Boosters, and 1 choline donor (Alpha GPC)!

Like other Qualia products, this shot is designed to ignite cognitive performance!


  • Contains 9 Nootropic compounds, 3 adaptogen extracts, 2 NAD boosters, and 1 choline donor
  • Made by Neurohacker, one of the leading and most trustworthy nootropics formulators in the world
  • Contains caffeine – in a good way!


  • Some synthetic ingredients
  • Contains caffeine – in a bad way?
  • Can be more expensive than its less-healthy competitors like 5-hour energy

Best Alcohol Alternative


  • Replaces alcohol and provides the same benefits, without any of the negative effects

  • Great way to biohack your social life and enjoy time with friends while still being healthy

  • 100% natural, has no calories, and comes in a variety of flavors

Alcohol replacement may be the best long-term value that nootropic drinks offer.

As most biohackers know, alcohol just doesn’t fit with the lifestyle.

Down a few cocktails and watch your Oura score tank and your CGM go berzerk, and you’ll think twice about imbibing next time.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with a few brews from time to time, heck what’s the use of all this work if you can’t enjoy life? But for those social health nut butterflies getting together w your friends just doesn’t hit the same with a water bottle.

For those who want the best of both social and biohacking worlds, Bonbuz is a great alcohol-replacement nootropic drink option.

Their ready-made drinks are filled with brain-boosting nootropics like L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, and 5-HTP, each acting on a different aspect of cognition. Pair that with some folic acid, niacinamide, and green-tea caffeine, and you have a nice stack of nutrients to give you that liquid courage without the hangover.

Even better, Bonbuz has many recipes on its website to help you make some killer mocktails like mojitos, Manhattans, and hot toddies!

Best Nootropic Energy Drink

Jocko Go

  • Contains top-quality nootropics for boosting brain performance

  • Comes in a convenient and portable can

  • Boosts focus, mental acuity, alertness, and processing speed

  • Made by an intensity expert with Navy SEAL training

Look no further than Jocko Go for those looking for a better suite of energy drinks!

The Jocko Go beverage brand is the brainchild of the infamous navy seal commander Jocko Willink.

Anyone who listens to Jocko’s podcasts or reads his books knows this dude is long on intensity. And that holds true for his collection of energy drinks!

Each can is loaded with top-flight nootropics designed to boost all aspects of brain performance, including focus, mental acuity, alertness, and processing speed.

The nootropics blend in Jocko Go is similar to those in the Qualia shot and includes acetyl l carnitine. This nootropic is crucial for better utilizing fats in the diet.

Jocko Go also includes caffeine, but unlike typical energy drinks, it combines it with l theanine and adaptogens which is a potent way to stimulate alpha brain waves and project yourself into a flow state.

I especially love Jocko Go’s absence of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Instead, they use monk fruit, a natural sweetener with a lower glycemic index and keeps blood sugar stable.

Best drink for improving mood

Brain Boost On The Go Drink (Brain MD)

  • Powder formula for mixing into drinks

  • Includes minerals, B-group vitamins, and nutrients like folate that are proven depression fighters

  • Helps improve mood

  • More natural formula than most other nootropic energy drinks

  • Good mix of ingredients including nootropics

Brain Boost On The Go is a more natural formula from Brain MD, Dr. Daniel Amen’s company.

Dr. Daniel Amen is one of America’s leading psychiatrists and cognitive health experts who has helped millions of people optimize their mental performance and well-being.

While this drink is a little lighter on nootropics than most other nootropic energy drinks, it does include a good mix of minerals, B-group vitamins, and nutrients like folate that are proven depression fighters.

Since Dr. Amen has helped some of the biggest names in pop culture work on improving mood, you know this drink is one to keep handy!

Best Mental Recovery Drink


  • Keeps neurotransmitters at optimal levels

  • Prevents cognitive decline after social nights out

  • Increases focus and attention span

  • Reduces distractions and helps maintain productivity

Cognitive recovery is one area in which nootropics genuinely shine.

We’ve all had that day after a fun night out where you need the right formula to pick you up and help you power through.

Party Aid is designed for just those occasions.

It’s a potent mix of vitamins, minerals, and anti-depressant nootropics that replenish those neurotransmitters lost after a long bout of social debauchery.

This is especially big for students and office people who need nutrients that act as attention improvers to help avoid distractions and keep a laser focus on powering through class and homework.

This blend also includes acetyl l carnitine which acts as a potent shuttler of nutrition into your cells.


So, there you have it: the top 5 nootropic drinks for energy, focus, and productivity.

Whether you’re looking for a drink to help you power through a busy day at work or want something that can enhance your study time, there’s no doubt that one of these nootropic drinks will have you covered.

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