Red-Pilled Healthcare w. A. Gregory Luna (Ep 23)

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Red-Pilled Healthcare w. A. Gregory Luna (Ep 23)

This podcast is all about the problems in the American Healthcare system.

Both Gregory and I are health coaches who have worked in the healthcare system and have observed first-hand its problems.

We discuss everything from the problems of the current patient/doctor visit time constraints, to big pharma, to government’s corrupt role in healthcare and so much more.

If you love Red Pill discussions than you don’t want to miss this podcast.

About A. Gregory Luna

A. Gregory Luna is the co-founder and primary blogger for Naturopathic Earth and host of the Naturopathic Earth Radio, The Awakened Man (Formerly Holistic Health News) and Confessions of an Obese Child podcasts.

Gregory was an overweight adolescent who parlayed his years of struggles and triumphs, and knowledge accrued from working in the “sick”care industry and as a medical & nutrition instructor, into becoming a dual-certified Health Consultant.

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Topics Discussed

  • The Awakened Man podcast, formerly Holistic Health News
  • Formerly overweight child
  • Most Dr. Visits are 8-9 minutes.. impossible to truly get to the root of the problem
  • US is one of the few countries that allow drug companies to run commercials
  • Adderall studies show no conclusive evidence to its effectiveness
  • Americans are trained from a young age to never question authority
  • Always need to question the current science
  • Medical schools are funded by corporations
  • Transgenerational response to chemicals and metals
  • Pharma commercials are mostly side effects
  • Book: Overdosed books
  • Drug commercials’ influence on patient demands for meds
  • Corn subsidies’ influence on the price of food
  • Ancel Keys diet controversy
  • Failure of the food pyramid
  • Bad rat saturated fat study.  CORN OIL
  • Fasting Benefits – link IF article
  • Supplement quality is king
  • The importance of probiotics
  • Oxalates
  • Mold 
  • Problems with Antibiotics
  • Iatrogenic deaths top cause of deaths
  • Social media censoring
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