Your Body Is Made To Heal (and other functional medicine wisdom) w. Dr. Aaron Hartman (ep 43)

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Dr. Aaron Hartman

A family medicine doctor who uses functional medicine to help his patients and children with chronic health issues.

Processed food and chronic disease

How processed food is the main cause of most chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Transgenerational epigenetic priming

How the environment affects the development and health of future generations through epigenetic changes.

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This podcast with Dr. Aaron Hartman is an advanced tune-up on using food as medicine and other functional medicine foundations.  As an allopathic doctor with a functional medicine background who’s also a published researcher and a farmer, Dr. Hartman has a unique perspective on how to best serve patients.

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About Dr. Aaron Hartman

Dr. Aaron Hartman helps people with chronic health issues restore their health. He’s Board Certified in Family Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. He is also a published clinical researcher. After adopting children with special needs, he began to realize that our healthcare system, into which he had invested decades of his education and career, did not offer many answers for his children. He began to pursue training in functional medicine to help his family, and now uses that training to empower his patients with the information and resources they need to harness their own bodies’ power to heal.

  • Functional and allopathic dr.
  • Centrum 100 – Bed Pan Pills
  • Multiple types of Vitamin C
  • Supplements are limited in effectiveness
  • Bodies are made to heal
  • People don’t understand where food comes from
  • Natural way
  • Antibiotics 71% of the cause of C. Diff
  • Antibiotics connected to obesity
  • Cows butchered in the fall are most nutrient-dense
  • Correlation between chicken and UTI’s.
  • Processed food cause of most chronic disease, heart disease
  • US Med system is built for Procedures, not general care
  • Diversity celebrated everywhere but health
  • During WW2, poorer kids were less obese.. wealthier kids had fatter
  • Transgenerational epigenetic Priming: Your environment affects your development
  • 8-10% of your Genome are viral
  • Air Quality and COVID
  • HEPA Filters
  • Oura Ring: High HRV, Low HR at sleep is ideal

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Stay ahead with our newsletter: cutting-edge biohacking tips and the latest in nootropics, all in one place.
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